This is how Disney’s homage to classic science fiction works

This is how Disney’s homage to classic science fiction works

Any fan of traditional science fiction can be captivated by the first annoyances, which are still very short Disney presents the upcoming animated movie Strange World, which will be shown on November 25th in theatres. For now, we’ve seen something else in the aisle with veteran producer Roy Conley, and the truth is, the suspicions have been confirmed.

“The Strange World” is a poignant homage to traditional science fiction and fantasy adventures that have dominated the genre since the days of Jules Verne. Indeed, the journey of seasoned travelers that the stars in the film take on a sort of “journey to the center of the Earth,” though not exactly: its starting point is indeed a uniquely fictional world.

The protagonist is Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal), who settled there after finding the hidden mythical land of Avalonia and lived by growing a plant that he discovered himself in the company of his wife and son. But When a plant ceases to be a useful source of energy, it must travel underground to solve the mysteryWith the help of his family, his father, another adventurer he meets again (Dennis Quaid) and the brave woman who rules Avalonia (Lucy Liu).

We were able to enjoy this first phase of the adventure, in a series of clips introducing the characters and the first steps into this “strange world”, in collaboration with Roy Conli. The film’s producer is a Disney veteran with nearly three decades of in-house experience.and watched movies like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Treasure Planet, Tangled, Big Hero 6 and more.

family and adventure

He was the one who brought us two great themes of Strange World. On the one hand, family and parenthood. In the purest style of traditional Disney, the film features three generations of adventurers (grandfather, father, son) who must resolve misunderstandings with a common goal. And along the way, he discovers that they alone are invincible.

More intriguing seems to us what may be the film’s greatest attraction: a tribute to the trot, imaginative, and carefree sci-fi adventure classics. Verne and Wells are mentioned by Conley, but there’s also an unmistakable flavor to the pulp story of explorers and unknown planets. Producer ER Burroughs put it on the table, and We are glad to know that the incredible failure of John Carter did not provoke any fear To the author in the production company.

The scent of this adventure classic is evident from the movie’s title print style, which is unmistakably reminiscent of magazine covers. pulp Where adventures take place in other worlds, of enormous scope and enormous dangers and which were developed by authors such as Burroughs. The film is tainted with that sense of amazement and conveys it well in some of the sequences we’ve seen, like the explorers’ first arrival in this new world, all the utterly exotic animals and plants, the colors falling from space and the wonder all around.

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In fact, Show some animals and plants that may have been the first contacts of the explorers with this world Which favors a wonderful action sequence that allows us to enter this completely alien environment that will attract fans to its description of places from another galaxy. The creatures that inhabit this world are of a particularly lucky design, featuring (aside from the cute, inescapable creature that will accompany the heroes) some menacing, spitting creatures that would have said H.P. Lovecraft “Yes, sir.”

More flexible cartoon character and cartoon More than usual in computer films it gives a touch of “analog” to “Alien World”. This also fits perfectly in a homage to the classic adventure: the icing on the cake that promises to take us back to Disney conveying a certain pulp philosophy not missed in animation. the current Stream. Ironically, this hymn to the lore of the genre comes precisely from the hands of Disney.

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