Segob goes consultation: People will decide if they want the army on the streets until 2028, Adán Augusto reports

Adan Augusto Lopez noted the importance of “advising” on security issues. (Photo: Daniel Augusto/Kuratoscoro)

As part of his appearance before the Senate, Tuesday 27 September, the Minister of the Interior Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez He offered a press conference in which he advocated the practice of participation to consult the people of Mexico if they wished to put public security in the hands of the military.

During his meeting with the media, the head of Al-Sikub made it clear that he did not put pressure on the opposition deputies with the aim of getting them to support the National Guard reform initiative. “What I used to do and do every day is Dialogue with opposition political parties‘ the official commented.

Regarding the process in which citizens’ opinion will be expressed about the continuation of the armed forces on the streets, López Hernandez focused particularly on the fact that It’s not a “popular consultation”This corresponds to the National Electoral Institute (INE).

“What will be celebrated and which we announced and presented today is a The practice of democratic participation To ask people if they want the Civil Guard, the Minister of National Defense (Sedina) and the Navy [de México] And he continued until 2028 in security work.”

Segob President confirmed that the exercise will not be a "Referendum", because the National Institute of Statistics will not participate.  (Photo: Daniel Augusto/Kuratoscoro)
The Segob chief emphasized that the exercise would not be a “popular consultation”, as the National Institute of Statistics would not participate. (Photo: Daniel Augusto/Kuratoscoro)

With regard to the resources allocated for the implementation of this exercise, Adán Augusto López . announced that “It will practically not cost the public treasury”Tickets will be printed at Graphic Workshops in Mexico. In addition, he indicated that there will be an electronic system linked to CURP for every Mexican, so it will also be possible to vote electronically.

In addition to the above, the official indicated that in this process 68,989 boxes or “opinion reception points” will be installed so that there is no “moaning”. With the latter, the head of Segob referred to the controversy that occurred last April with the cancellation of the mandate, as a third of the funds planned due to budget cuts were installed in the process.

It should be noted that the budget announced by the National Statistics Institute for that year was one thousand 567.4 million pesos, after the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit refused to provide a loan of one thousand 738.9 million.

When asked about the contribution of this survey to the fight against insecurity, Adán Augusto López acknowledged that it was “certainly not the solution”, but that it would be useful in making decisions.

During the conference, Lopez Hernandez was accompanied by the coordinator of the Morena assembly in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Avila.  (Photo: DANIEL AUGUSTO/CUARTOSCURO)
During the conference, Lopez Hernandez was accompanied by the coordinator of the Morena assembly in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Avila. (Photo: DANIEL AUGUSTO/CUARTOSCURO)

Fortunately Monopoly [de las decisiones] The people of Mexico own it and that is why we will ask them,” the official added.

He commented, in that sense, that the exercise would work out whether citizens wanted work on this matter to be carried out again by Segob or by the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), or by a “professional and well-trained police force.” Fur, defended that “there is no institution more qualified and trained than the Mexican army.”

Given the context in which the conference took place, Lopez Hernandez was asked if it was appropriate for the military’s security measures to continue after it was revealed that some elements were involved in the disappearance of 43 regular students from Ayotzinapa.

In this regard, Adan Augusto Lopez said that although there are military agents who supposedly bear some responsibility, “it does not mean that it is about the establishment.” “The Mexican army is loyal and institutionalized‘ said the secretary.

In the same way, he argued that the subordination under his command was empowered to conduct “consultation,” according to Article 27 of the Basic Law of the Federal Public Administration.

This exercise will take place on January 22, 2023, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. To participate, interested people can do so with their own CURP and an official ID with a photo.

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