Pope of the Vatican: God is a Father and does not deny any of his children

Pope Francis responds with a handwritten letter in Spanish to some of the questions posed by Jesuit Father James Martin, who is dedicated to pastoral care with homosexuals.


God’s “style” is “closeness, mercy, and tenderness.” This is how the Pope responds briefly to one of the questions posed by Jesuit Father James Martin, who developed his message among LGBT people.

On May 5, the pastor wrote a note in Spanish to the Holy Father, asking if he was willing to answer some of the questions often asked by gay Catholics. A few days later, he received a handwritten note in Spanish with his responses. The result was a mini interview published today on the website communicationpage created by a Jesuit.

“Regarding your questions – wrote the Pope – I can think of a very simple answer.”

What is the most important thing homosexuals need to know about God?

God is a Father and does not deny any of His children. And God’s “style” is “closeness, mercy, and tenderness.” Along this path you will find God.

What do you want gays to know about the church?

I would like you to read the Acts of the Apostles. There you will find the picture of the living church.

What can you say to gay Catholics who have been rejected by the church?

I want them to realize that it is not “a rejection of the church,” but as a rejection of “the people in the church.” The Church is a mother and calls all her children. Let’s take, for example, the anecdote of the guests at the banquet: “the righteous, the sinners, the rich and the poor, etc.” (Matthew 22, 1-15; Luke 14, 15-24). The “pure” Eclectic Church is not the Holy Mother Church, but a sect.

Also in July of last year, Pope Francis sent a handwritten letter to Father Martin in Spanish, on the occasion of a webinar entitled “Communication 2021”, in which he affirmed that God “closes to each of his children with love, to each one.” His heart is open to all. He is the father.”
Thinking of your pastoral work – the pontiff wrote to Father Martin – I see that you are constantly trying to imitate this way of God. You are a priest to all, because God is the father of all. I pray for you to continue like this, to be so close, kind and affectionate.”

“I pray for your faithful, for your ‘subjects’ – as the Pope has concluded – for all those whom the Lord has placed by your side to take care of, protect and make them grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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