Porsche has successfully bid on Design Sketch as a non-expendable token for €80,000

Porsche has successfully bid on Design Sketch as a non-expendable token for €80,000
Porsche has successfully auctioned a graphic design by chief outside designer Peter Farge as a non-expendable token (NFT) for €80,000 or 30.25 Ethereum value.

Prsche Germany concludes its pilot project for auctioning digital non-copyable objects with a satisfied CV.

An exclusive design drawing by chief outside designer Peter Varga has been auctioned as a non-fungible token (NFT) worth 30.25 Ethereum. At the end of the auction, this amounted to about 80 thousand euros.

Between August 2 and 6, 2021, collectors and fans of Porsche had the opportunity to bid on the drawing on the American SuperRare platform. Highlight: It is presented as a digital and physical good; All proceeds will go to the non-profit organization Viva con Agua. The sports car manufacturer’s first NFT activity was backed by subsidiary Porsche Digital and the technology company fan station, It recently emerged as the NFT platform for digital business cards.

“With the NFT initiative, we wanted to test how well the crypto community receives an offer of this kind and what response we can generate with it,” he said. Sandra Meyer Denzel From Porsche Germany, who led the project. “We can certainly be very satisfied with the result and delighted to be able to make a great donation to Viva con Agua.”

Lars Kramer, Director of Sales Innovation at Porsche and co-founder of the project adds: “The initiative to sell a non-fungible token was implemented in a similar way to Porsche in a very short time in a multidisciplinary team.

We are therefore proud of the result and look forward to learning for potential future innovation projects in the field of NFT and digital art at Porsche.”

The auction is a great Porsche campaign. “We are very pleased with the donation and the amount the infographic brought in,” says Caroline Stodman, general manager of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e. Fifth: “Through the proceeds, we support water projects and thus we can improve the living conditions of a few thousand people. Because: Water is life!”

NFTs are based on blockchain technology and refer to a specific asset. Therefore, NFT represents the numerical property of a single element. Digital goods can be stored, sold or exchanged in a virtual wallet. To date, NFT has been used mainly in the field of so-called cryptography and digital collections.

Porsche has successfully bid on Design Sketch as a non-expendable token for €80,000

Blockchain Collectible Cards Platform

Porsche implemented the project with Fanzone. Company Builder Forward31, a business unit of Porsche Digital GmbH, founded the Berlin startup in June 2021. The startup operates an online platform where fans can collect and exchange cards for digital players such as NFT and earn the increase in its value. To ensure the scarcity and identity of collectibles, Fanzone uses blockchain technology.

The non-profit organization Viva con Agua, founded in Hamburg in 2006, advocates access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. To this end, Viva con Agua supports water projects around the world, for example in Uganda and South Africa. The vision of the non-profit organization is “Water for All, All for Water”. To generate income, Viva con Agua regularly uses art auctions as well as classic donations.

50 years of Porsche Development Fair in Weissach

50 years of Porsche Development Fair in Weissach

Every Porsche model was born at the same site, which is the development center of Weissach. The area, which occupies about 100 hectares, is synonymous with the latest technology, passion, advanced engineering and innovation. On the occasion of its anniversary, the special exhibition “Fifty Years of Porsche Development in Weissach” will be held at the Porsche Museum, which will open from August 10 to December 5. The development center began operating in 1971 and includes the design and competition areas, various test platforms, and its test track. All this will be highlighted in detail in this special exhibition. “Road sports and racing cars have been developed in Weissach for over half a century. Dreams are designed, built and tested in this ideal setting,” says Achim Stijskal, Director of Heritage and the Porsche Museum.

As part of this exhibition, the Zuffenhausen Museum takes a behind-the-scenes look at the birthplace of all Porsche sports cars. Visitors will be able to have various digital experiences using Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Among other things, they will be able to see the facilities for the past five decades. The then Porsche employee and driver, Herbert Laing, was instrumental in creating this development centre. In January 1960, he proposed to the company the use of overgrown lands in Weissach and Flacht, which seemed to be of no value to agriculture. The first stone was laid a year and a half later. In 1962, the test track was commissioned, and nine years later, a research and development center was opened.

To honor the different Weissach departments, the exhibition is divided into the following areas: initial stages, test stands/wind tunnel, Porsche engineering, design, competition and the centre. The early stages portion covers the development center’s history and the groundbreaking ceremony in 1961. Next, visitors pass exotic models, such as the 1972 Weissach fire truck. The test stand begins with a wind tunnel and augmented reality application Taycan. Here, you can also see all the things employees are doing on this test bench, from major tests and developments to things related to vehicle safety, cold rooms and the testing and development of innovative materials. The fields of design, engineering, Porsche and the competition await great stories, cars and innovations for those who are interested in them.

Visitors can also learn about Weissach’s operating model through iPads and augmented reality software. In the same way, they will be able to interact at other points of this special exhibition. For example, there are parts of it with 3D-printed models and objects, as well as some mechanical fins behind which give interesting information about the development center. A few days before the start of the exhibition, the summer vacation program for children will begin, as part of the activities of Porsche 4Kids. Here, the youngest of them can discover what’s behind the doors of the development center, which would otherwise be closed.

The current hygiene regulations of the Porsche Museum can be found on the page www.porsche.com/Museum

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Thus, Porsche is auctioning a sketch by chief external designer Peter Farge as a non-fungible token (NFT) for €80,000 or 30.25 Ethereum.

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