A US entrepreneur explains how her business survived the pandemic

A US entrepreneur explains how her business survived the pandemic

the pandemic Bring new challenges to Business managed before Latinos in the United States. Projects have had to adapt to health restrictions and measures and labor shortages. but in all difficulty Show stories of creativity and ingenuity, such as Mira Alejandra.

Mira Alejandra Flores was born in Angels, California, in 1986. His parents came to United State They look for more opportunities than they can find Mexico. Mira Wefaq adventurer and advisor to feed In the San Fernando Valley.

In an interview with Millennium, Mira says that during the first months of pandemic It was necessary to close, but thanks Social media For the Latin community I managed to move on.

“This work is deemed necessary due to the fact that be food. So I still have the opportunity to help my clients through NSurbside pickupAnd Where they just passed Consumption outside work“, Dice.

However, the thing he considered a huge success was his strategy Social media that helped him Stay close to your customers While they could not leave the house due to altitude infection.

“This has been the most useful tool, not just in my work. Thanks to the fact that so many people were at home, Through social networks, we have been able to reach more people And let them know that we have a solution to the problem that is happening in these times.”

California is Fifth largest economy in the world, is the most populous state and has the center of technology innovation Silicon Valley. However, he is also known as High rental costs The number of permits that must be obtained before opening a business.

For Maira, the number of Permits and Inspections The demand is very high compared to other countries. So he decided Open your home business and save some cost. it’s a proximity Allah trust your neighbors and the Social media Required range growing up.

“Most My clients are people from my community. I know too Playing sports For people from my community, friends and family. thanks for the Social media I managed to get Other countries and countries“, Dice.

In the middle of June, California stir everything COVID-19 health restrictions Thanks to the low number of injuries. This is allowed Business Business was reopened, although not without certain restrictions.

Some sites frequented by Mexicans have been affected after months of closures and low sales. Others had difficulty finding new employees.

Mira thinks it’s like that normalization after Reopen And notice that Many have already begun to live a “normal life” Where dozens of people gather Parties relatives.

“Many people have to feed And they keep getting vaccinated and I think that gives them more confidence in that Don’t get infected with the virus. It is interesting that People who have already received the vaccine They don’t need to wear masks, but they do They don’t ask for proof that you’ve been vaccinated. And therefore Anyone who has not been vaccinated can go without a mask. from that way I consider that hygiene measures are not enough So that no new infections appear.”

the Latin community form 38.9% of the total California population. This sector has been hit hard by COVID-19, with more than half of the infections and 47% of deaths from coronavirus.

However, as of the beginning of May 1, 5 Latinos are still reluctant to receive the covid-19 vaccine, according to a survey conducted by Hispanas Organization for Political Equality (HOPE).

Maira indicates that the . file Healthcare It is one of the main needs of the program The Latino community in California His work attempts to fill this gap.

A good diet and physical activity can make a difference compared to the fast-paced life in big cities. and eIn this way, we support Latin community‘, he concludes.


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