Barley: the business behind organic beer that is striving to join the trend

Barley: the business behind organic beer that is striving to join the trend

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With the acquisition of organic products, the agricultural sector is showing its potential. Barley is added to alternative farming for producers. company Thomas Brothers Looking for new fields with organic certificate wanting to enter into the production of this type of grain.

Trade of organic barley

The agricultural services company announced that it was able to close its first organic barley fermentation business Membership Certificate Widely. It’s a 70-hectare field in Bolivar that will harvest the grain next December. Another farm with similar extensions in Cordoba will be added to the facility and a third field is expected to be added as well, although the size is not yet exceeded.

“Last year and in 2019, there was already a small amount of Organic barley in Argentina Fortunately it was very successful. This year we have increased the level of production and the production will be greater, because there is already interest from the brewer and consumers”, highlights Juan Pablo Iaquinta, Coordinator The seed associated with Thomas Hermanus. The company acts as a link between the producers’ raw materials, malt, and the brewer, which will be responsible for marketing “organic” beer.

For several years the company Regular malt supplier for beer It is currently working on developing the business of this type of barley in a preliminary way.

Pablo Iaquinta, written by Thomas Hermanus

Barley: an alternative for producers

Some time ago the company started working with it Producers of May 25 and July 9 Which is framed in the “Organic” Meat Project. “They suggested we meet with organic producers to see what possibilities we have to do business together and we started looking for alternatives to offer these types of producers,” Yaquinta recalls.

“Some customers were under Organic production method And since we were working with the brewing plant and they were already on the organic path, we decided to join the points,” explains Juan Borla, head of company creation.

volume growth

From the company point out that the goal is to The area is growing and “pushing” this new project. “We are in the mood for volume-level growth and are looking for organic producers who are willing to make barley,” Borla insists.

In the Currently the company sells 1,300,000 tons in general The goal is to increase it to 2 million in the next five years, including an organic “leg”. For its part, the brewing factory hopes to surpass 25,000 hectares planted with “organic” barley in the next years.

Executives indicate that it is an imminent project in scope The stage of learning and searching for commercial alternatives for organic producers. “We don’t aim to create hectares, but we desperately need the knowledge to see how it can be delivered within the range of producers willing to share,” adds Yaquinta.

to reach Organic Domain Certification It is necessary to have at least three years without using any kind of synthetic inputs, such as phytosanitary products, fertilizers and herbicides) and to sow seeds exclusively from certified “eco” fields, among other regulations.

Juan Burla, Birth of Thomas Hermanus

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