Ugandan delegation in quarantine in Japan – Diario de Queretaro

Ugandan delegation in quarantine in Japan – Diario de Queretaro

The Japanese local authorities announced, on Tuesday, that the Ugandan delegation, which arrived in Tokyo on Saturday to participate in the Olympic Games, has been placed in quarantine after a positive case of the Covid-19 virus.

Contacts have been announced among the eight Ugandan team members, who were accompanying a coach who tested positive at Tokyo airport, and they will be quarantined until July 3, local authorities told AFP.

On Saturday, members of the delegation who tested positive were allowed to go to their concentration headquarters in Izumisano, near Osaka, while their coach was placed in isolation.

“But our local medical officials questioned the eight members and determined that they were close contacts with the person who tested positive,” an official from the city of Izumisano told AFP.

“Now we are asking you to stay in your hotel until July 3,” he added, explaining that the city would consider the possibility of allowing them to train outdoors around the hotel.

This is the first positive case of a game participant (July 23 – August 8), while the Australian softball team arrived in Japan on June 1.

On Saturday, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK said all members of the Ugandan team had been vaccinated and tested negative in Uganda before their trip to Japan.

The Ugandan delegation was supposed to land in Japan on June 16, but its flight was canceled after an increase in coronavirus cases in the African country, according to local media.

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