Priorities for effective corporate wellness programs

Priorities for effective corporate wellness programs

“Despite the fact that we are living longer and longer, the feeling that we lack time is more present than ever. Which, on average, if we add up all the hours we devote to work, it turns out that nine whole years of our lives are spent in an environment the work “This is how Antonio Vega, President of the Humaniza Foundation, presented ORH .’s latest webinar Corporate “luxury”, the key to business successin collaboration with this entity to celebrate World Wellness Day.

“This is the feeling that reinforces the concept health Corporate, because people seek a state of overall well-being give meaning to their way of understanding life. Each one, his own, which is another of the differential properties of health The company, as it should be assigned to each collaborator. Companies already realize that they must make their employees familiarize themselves with their goals and values, balancing existence and existence; In short, it’s worth going to work every day.”

Now, organizations have historically been designed to maximize labor productivity; Something that doesn’t quite fit in with the search for a personal purpose. Thus, adaptation is necessary to facilitate this search for employees by welfare appropriate to the present times.

To help organizations in this regard, three members of Humanizza Foundation I also intervened in the session to provide keys health Companies in their areas of specialization: Rafael AyusoAn expert in matchmaking and flexibility. Joaquin AlvarezAn expert on equality, diversity and inclusion. s Veronica Huntsilasexpert in corporate sponsorship.

His full speeches are available in the video below as well as on our YouTube channel.

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