‘Error’ leaves UAD medical students without a place IMSS – El Sol de la Laguna

‘Error’ leaves UAD medical students without a place IMSS – El Sol de la Laguna

Turion, Coahuila. Seven students Their five-year career culminated in the medical school of Durango Autonomous University (UAD) Gomez Palacio Campus, They were sidelined from IMSS due to administrative errors From the educational institution and now as a consolation prize they want to send to the Red Cross, which is absolutely not accepted by those who have already publicly denounced it.

The above was announced in the “Say It Without Fear” platform by El Sol de La Laguna, students Dayan, Lilia and Gabi, who, on behalf of four other colleagues, They openly expressed what happened during the protocol event for the allocation of IMSS places And where it was revealed that someone sent his information to Mexico City, which I’m leaving them off the IMSS lists.

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“We are The best averages for the medical professionfrom 90 to 88, and This ensures that we are part of the IMSS premises to achieve our trainingWe even chose which clinic to go to, and Now they tell us they want to send us to the Red Crossfor a mistake we didn’t make, because we met our average and delivered,” stressed Diane.

At the IMSS delegation in Durango and at the IMSS central offices in Mexico City, Information about these seven students from Durango Independent University School of Medicine has not yet appearedwho assumes that UAD management office has never done paperwork, seriously harming students.

“It has been five years of work, efforts to be one of the best averages and thus I was able to sign for the position of IMSS and It turns out they left usIt is not possible, someone has to take responsibility and correct this grave mistake.”

They made a call University President Martin Gerardo Soriano has to do something about it and correcting the mistake that one of them made at the expense of these seven students from the Durango Independent University School of Medicine.

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