Real Madrid adds its first partner in Africa with the house…

Real Madrid adds its first partner in Africa with the house…

Real Madrid adds its first partner in Africa. The betting company Sportybet becomes the first regional sponsor of Real Madrid on the continent. No financial details or term of the agreement were disclosed.

Despite a recently created veto over the sponsorship of bookmakers in Spanish sports, clubs can override it as long as they are regional sponsors in other countries, given that the activation is not in Spain.

Although it is essence Of its business being the gaming sector, Sportybet also markets live sports broadcasting, through its own channels. Applicationthat you promote link with your clients. The company operates throughout Africa in particular Presence in large countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Sportybet joins a group of regional sponsors made up of twelve companies, both national and foreign. Among the Spanish companies are Movistar, Unicaja, Solán de Cabras, Sanitas, and the recently renovated Codere. However, the bulk are international companies that carry out activations in their home countries.

Thus, Madrid maintains business alliances (for the first men’s soccer team) with Fonbet in Russia; Invex Banco, in Mexico; o KOK Sports and PT Dua Kelinci in Asia. Completing the list are two multinational companies: Coca-Cola and PlayStation.

Real Madrid’s sponsorship list is topped by Emirates, its main partner, and adidas, as its technical sponsor. In second place, as global partners, Nivea, Audi, Hankook, Mahou, EA Sports, Easy Markets, Boss, Palladium Hotel Group and Meatless Farm stand out; and Therabody.

10% modification in sponsorship contracts by Covid

The club did not disclose its sales achieved from the commercial office through the sale of the guarantee during the last season, but it indicated in the budget it submitted for the year 2020-2021 to a sales volume of 301.93 million euros through the marketing area, 10.3% lower year-on-year.

Real Madrid finished 2020-2021 with a profit of 874,000 euros, the entity reported in mid-July. The advantage of maintaining profitability is twofold, since Business volume excluding capital gains from transfers decreased 8.7% year-on-year, to €653 million. The main reason is that stadium closures slowed box office revenue in 2020-2021 more than in 2019-2020, when part of the season was running normally through March.

In total, the entity headed by Florentino Perez has It lost 300 million euros in revenue in the two years that were characterized by the health crisis, To this, they noted, “should be added the loss of new income that would have been realized had the epidemic not existed.” For example, the sale of sponsorship shows has stopped and the retail project led by Legends has not been able to operate normally.

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