Release Date & Renewal Updates of Sanctuary Season 2 (Japanese Drama)


Japan’s rise in the global entertainment industry has been nothing short of meteoric. One such testament to its growing influence is the thrilling series “Sanctuary”, a show that has captivated audiences worldwide with its enthralling narrative and compelling characters.

Its debut on Netflix marked a significant milestone in its journey, attracting a diverse audience that extends far beyond its home turf.

With its inaugural season of eight episodes coming to a thrilling conclusion, speculation is rife about the prospects of a second season. The demand is overwhelming – the suspenseful narrative has left viewers yearning for more. As we delve deeper into the world of “Sanctuary”, let’s explore everything from its past season to potential future seasons and other intriguing aspects of this captivating show.

Quick Facts

  • No of Seasons- 1
  • First Episode – May 4,2023
  • Genre – Drama
  • Language – Japanese
  • Where to Watch – Netflix
  • Season 2 Update -No Update

What Happened in the Previous Season

Sanctuary’s first season introduced us to Wataru, a man disillusioned with the materialistic world where love and compassion take a backseat. Wataru, weary of the mundanity and superficiality that permeates society, decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery, a quest that lands him in the world of sumo rikishi, an art revered as sacred.

This season delves into the deep psychological transitions of Wataru as he navigates the challenges of learning sumo rikishi, all the while battling his inner demons.

His quest is not merely about mastering an art; it’s a path to rediscover the meaning of life, to reinvent himself beyond the societal structures that have long defined him. His evolution is profound, and by the end of the first season, viewers find themselves in the throes of deep introspection, questioning their own existence and values.

Yet, the season ends on an intense cliffhanger that leaves more questions than answers. Wataru’s journey is far from over, and the audience is left wondering what fate has in store for him. It’s this suspenseful ending that sets the stage for the much-anticipated second season.

Popularity of the Show

Since its debut on Netflix, “Sanctuary” has carved a niche for itself among global audiences. The show’s thematic depth, combined with its compelling narrative, has garnered it widespread acclaim. It has resonated particularly with viewers who find themselves in Wataru’s shoes, disillusioned with societal constructs and seeking something deeper and more meaningful.

The series’ nuanced exploration of profound themes like self-discovery, personal transformation, and spiritual awakening has struck a chord with a wide audience spectrum. Viewers have lauded it for its daring departure from cliched storylines and its thought-provoking exploration of complex existential themes.

Its rich portrayal of the traditional art of sumo rikishi adds an authentic flavor that further endears it to audiences. It has not just piqued interest in this revered art but also showcased a vital aspect of Japanese culture, making it a cultural ambassador of sorts.

Renewal Status of Sanctuary Season 2

Given the popularity of the show and its intriguing cliffhanger ending, the demand for a second season is palpable. The suspense surrounding Wataru’s fate has left viewers on the edge of their seats, eager for a sequel. Despite this, official confirmation from the showrunners about a second season is yet to come.

However, looking at the trend of multi-season shows gaining popularity and yielding significant profits, there is a strong possibility that “Sanctuary” might follow suit. The first season laid a solid foundation, ripe for further exploration in subsequent seasons. But as of now, no official announcement has been made regarding the renewal status of the show. Rest assured, any updates on this front will be eagerly anticipated by the show’s ardent fans.

Release Date of Sanctuary Season 2

Considering the release pattern of most Netflix series, we could expect a potential second season within a year of the first season’s release. Given that “Sanctuary” debuted in 2023, if renewed, we could see a possible release in mid of 2024. However, this speculation is contingent on the official confirmation of the show’s renewal. With no official statement from the showrunners or Netflix, fans will have to wait patiently for an update on the release date.

Cast of Sanctuary Season 2

Should “Sanctuary” return for a second season, we can reasonably expect the core cast to reprise their roles. Wataru Ichinose would likely return as the protagonist Kiyoshi Oze, with Pierre Taki as Enshō-oyakata, his guide on this transformative journey.

Other key characters, including Shioli Kutsuna as Asuka Kunishima, Shōta Sometani as Shimizu, Hiroki Sumi as Shizuuchi, Koyuki as Hana, and So Kaku as Ryūki, would likely return as well. Suzuki Matsuo as Inushima-oyakata, Tomorowo Taguchi as Tokitsu, and Kitaro as Kōji could also be expected to come back, along with Kimiko Yo as Sanae, Onigiri as Umayama-oyakata, and Akira Nakao as Kumada-oyakata.

As is often the case with ongoing series, some new characters could be introduced to infuse fresh dynamism into the storyline. However, the showrunners have yet to announce any additions to the cast.

Spoiler for Sanctuary Season 2

Given the lack of official updates about the upcoming season, potential spoilers are scarce. However, a second season would logically pick up from where the first left off. Wataru’s transformative journey into the world of sumo rikishi would likely progress further, with new challenges and experiences in store.

We could expect to see how his new path affects his perception of the world and alters his life’s course. The second season could also delve deeper into the dynamics of the sumo rikishi world, offering a more profound exploration of this sacred art.

Ratings of the Show

The show’s success is evident from its impressive ratings. On IMDb, the series has secured a solid 7.2/10 rating, a testament to its global popularity. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has garnered a whopping 96% approval rating. Metacritic, another trusted source for TV show ratings, has given the series a respectable score of 78%.

Review of the Show

“Sanctuary” has received high praise from critics and viewers alike for its intricate storytelling, nuanced performances, and insightful exploration of sumo rikishi as a sacred art. The show presents a fascinating juxtaposition of modern materialistic perspectives with traditional spiritual values, providing much food for thought.

Wataru Ichinose’s portrayal of Kiyoshi Oze is lauded for its depth and authenticity, drawing the audience into his journey of self-discovery and transformation. The supporting cast also delivers compelling performances that contribute significantly to the show’s overall impact.

Furthermore, the series’ success lies in its ability to create a balance between introspection and action, never letting the narrative lose momentum while delving deep into its characters’ psyche. The cinematography and production values are top-notch, adding to the overall viewing experience.

Where to Watch the Show

The show is available to stream on Netflix, making it accessible to a global audience. To watch “Sanctuary,” one needs a subscription to the platform. However, the wide range of content available on Netflix makes the subscription a worthwhile investment. The first season of “Sanctuary” is currently available in full on Netflix, so if you haven’t yet watched it, this is the perfect time to catch up.


In conclusion, “Sanctuary” is a unique offering from Japan that has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with its rich storytelling and compelling performances. While there is no official confirmation yet regarding the second season, the show’s immense popularity and cliffhanger ending of the first season make a compelling case for its return.

Whether you’re a fan of Japanese dramas or a lover of profound, introspective storytelling, “Sanctuary” is a show you should not miss. Its first season is available on Netflix, and we hope to bring you updates about its second season soon. Until then, happy watching!


Is Sanctuary on any streaming service?

Yes, Sanctuary is available for streaming on Netflix. You will require a Netflix subscription to watch the show.

Will there be another season of Sanctuary?

As of now, there’s no official confirmation about a second season of Sanctuary. However, considering the popularity of the show and the cliffhanger ending of the first season, there’s a high possibility that the show might return for a second season.


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