RIC Energy sells 22MW solar park in Uganda to Xsabo Group

RIC Energy sells 22MW solar park in Uganda to Xsabo Group

The Spanish company RIC Energy has signed the sale of the Nkonge solar park (Uganda) to the German-Uganda company Xsabo Group. It is a 22.7 MW development that is being implemented as a “turnkey” and will start generating electricity in September 2022.

The Nkonge plant, in the Mubindi district, is the second major project that RIC Energy is preparing for the Xsabo Group, after the Kabulasuk plant, a similar power facility sold in 2019. Similarly, three more projects are scheduled to be developed in the coming years, all for the same customer, which will add about 150 megawatts of power in total. The purchaser of power from these plants is the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited.

The Nkonge solar park, which uses HSAT technology – the first of its kind to be launched in Uganda – is boosting the activity that the Spanish company is doing in Africa through its subsidiary RIC Energy Africa. These types of projects are key to local development as they allow access to energy in some developing environments.

“Our goal – explains Jose Luis Moya, CEO of RIC Energy – is to solve the problem of access to energy as a fundamental driver of human development, while at the same time reducing the impact of the billions of people who already own it.” Regarding the Nkonge project, Moya highlights that it is “further evidence of the trust the Xsabo Group has placed in the RIC team and solidified our leadership as a benchmark in East Africa. We are excited to work alongside the Xsabo Group once again to ensure access to energy for developing communities.”

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