Richelieu at the Bibliothèque nationale de France opens its doors after 12 years

Richelieu at the Bibliothèque nationale de France opens its doors after 12 years

Richelieu space in the National Library of France It will open its doors After 12 years of redesign on September 17th. According to many researchers on this topic in terms of architecture and interiors, it can be classified as The most beautiful library in the world.

What does the redesign of the National Library of France consist of?

National Library France she has 40 million jobsincluding the world’s largest hidden collection of Medieval and modern manuscripts. It was originally created in a historic building on the street Richelieu in 1996.

space Richelieu in the National Library in France It will open its doors 12 years after the next redesign September 17.

The National Library of France reopened after 12 years. Photo: AFP

Transformation 300 year old containerincluding Facade restorationThe Indoor garden installation and the Facility maintenancethus promoting innovation and modernity and openness to a wider audience. The project is a library and museum.

Visitors will discover Magnificent oval room with 18m high glass ceilingand modern four-tiered bookshelves to prevent mistreatment of copies, as well as the new museum that houses perhaps France’s greatest historical treasures.

renovated 30 thousand square meters out of a total of 58 thousand buildings More than 20 million documents have been preserved in the new library.

The first stage that took place Between 2011 and 2016, It included the renovation of half of the building located along Richelieu Street. This ranges from galleries and bookstores to educational spaces, cafeterias and commercial stores.

From 2017 to 2022, half of the building along Vivienne Street was renovated, including Mazarine Galleryoval room King’s wardrobeand Vivian’s Garden and Museum.

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