5 women die during an ocean cruise after being hit by a whale on their boat in New Zealand | News from Mexico

5 women die during an ocean cruise after being hit by a whale on their boat in New Zealand |  News from Mexico

five women They died in a bird flight in the ocean, when what was believed to be a whale collided with the small boat they were sailing in New Zealand, according to reports.

Police said six other female passengers on the voyage, including his captain, were rescued after the boat capsized in Goose Bay, near the southern city of Kaikoura. The survivors They were taken to a local hospital and later released; Only one person was slightly injured.

The remains of the five women were found inside the boat. They were part of larger group bird watchers over 50 years old, Ladies onlybased on reports.

Police said they are still investigating the cause of the collision, but… Craig McClearyThe mayor of Kaikoura told National Radio RNZ Who believed it? The boat collided with a whale.

A boat capsized by a whale has capsized, from what we can understand, coming from below.” “We closed the harbor for that. [las autoridades] They can keep working.”

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gloomy mood

McCleary also said News agency That the locals helped in the rescue effort, but The mood of the city was ‘bleak’ Because the water was so the cold Rescuers fear that anyone who falls into the sea is doomed.

sergeant kaikura, Matt BoyceHe described the incident as an “unprecedented event” and a tragedy, also noting that the police were working on Officially identifying the deadaccording to him New Zealand Herald.

Vanessa Chapman Tell things She and a group of friends had witnessed the rescue effort. He said that when he arrived at an observation point, he saw someone sitting on top of an overturned boat waved his arms.

It added that two rescue helicopters and a third local helicopter were flying before two divers jumped. She said the person on the boat was rescued and it appeared that someone else had been pulled out of the water.


Kaikoura is a popular destination for Whale watching. The sea floor rushes away from the shoreline, creating deep waters near the shoreline. Many companies offer boating Or by helicopter, so tourists can see whales, dolphins and other sea creatures up close.

“It always comes to your mind that it could,” McClell said, referring to the possibility of a whale-boat hitting.

But the mayor added that he had not heard of any previous incidents.

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