Habits of King Carlos III: He never eats lunch and works very late

Habits of King Carlos III: He never eats lunch and works very late

The King Charles IIIson of the recently deceased Isabel II s Philip EdinburghHe was constantly criticized for seemingly not taking on great responsibilities. These accusations are even stronger now that he has had to take the throne, as many people echo his 73-year-old age.

However, according to the testimony of Julian Payne, former secretary to King Charles, the current monarch of the United Kingdom starts his day with eggs, seasonal fruits and tea for breakfast, foods that must remain for several hours in his stomach since he does not eat lunch.

The king does not eat lunch. So one of the lessons I learned when I was on the road with him was to eat a big breakfast or bring some snacks to keep you going.”

The former worker also talked about the details of his working day that begins after breakfast: “First you hear the headlines on the radio, then the meetings of the day begin.”

(King Charles III at Westminster Hall September 12 / AFP)

These meetings focused on his charitable foundation called the Prince Trust, which aims to help disadvantaged youth. Then he meets privately with Sir Cliff Aldertonhis secretary, to discuss state affairs.

At the end of his meetings, about one o’clock in the afternoon, the king has to take a break for a walk. “The King does not like to stay indoors for long and always has his windows wide open.”

So far, the only food that King Carlos III drinks in his stomach is breakfast, so at five in the afternoon, with his wife since 2005, Queen Consort Camillastops for tea, sandwiches and fruits.

Finally, former secretary Julian Payne revealed that the British monarch’s dinner is usually held at 8:30 at night and two hours later he returns to his office for some pending matters, which extends until midnight on the twelfth.

The five official events in remembrance Isabel II They are: Thanksgiving service at St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh. Procession to Westminster Hall and Prayer and Meditation Service, Vigil at Westminster Hall, State Funeral at Westminster Abbey and burial service at St George’s Chapel Windsor.

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