Rubén Giustiniani and Agustina Donnet: enough of the high prices!

Rubén Giustiniani and Agustina Donnet: enough of the high prices!

Equality Caucus projects were approved in the legislature as the county was asked to suspend increases to electricity and water services.

Robin Giustiniani And Augustine Dunnettand deputies from Santa Fe equality blockAnd They asked the provincial government to suspend the increase in water and electricity rates To combat inflation and reduce its impact on the pockets of families in Santa Fe.

And Giustiniani stressed: “In order to cancel the support for Camesa, this last rate has been added, which hits hard at a very difficult time. The high energy consumption that we had due to the high temperatures we are experiencing stems at the same time. The high values ​​that reach in Invoices. The values ​​we see in electricity and water bills are frightening“.

He added: “With Agustina Donnet, we demand the suspension of the increases, which is very primitive: we have always said that Tariffs have negative components; On the one hand It takes away people’s purchasing powerThis means that more and more is being spent on electricity and water prices. Also, it means a larger component of workers’ pay It’s a blow to the user’s pocketon the family farm, hit the merchant and the industrialist.

We must remember that from December to March it was 70% and now it is a new rate of 40%.

Giustiniani and Donnett stated that “we have to discuss in depth the need for an increasingly efficient company, with Fair and reasonable prices, with service according to the needs of users and production; And with a supervisory entity that guarantees its operation.”

In the same vein, they emphasized it Public service rates should not deepen the inflationary process But throw it down.”

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