More than 5,000 people have visited Cañada Tecnociencia

More than 5,000 people have visited Cañada Tecnociencia

Organized by the Municipality of Cañada de Gómez and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet), the exhibition was attended by school students and families for nine days with talks, interactive modules and workshops

Last Sunday concluded the Cañada Technosensia fair, organized by the Municipality of Cañada de Gómez and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet), which has been taking place since March 25 at the Youth Center. Five thousand young people and hundreds of families enjoyed Knyada Technosensia, wake up invitations. Thanks to the entire municipality team and Conicet for the dedication and effort that allowed us to carry out our mission. now, We continue to work for an interactive science museum.”Mayor Stella Clerici said.

Over a two-week period, he received hundreds of families from the city and the region, with Interactive modules and participatory workshopsWhile, from Monday to Friday, thousands of students of different educational levels were brought together. the sample Planned to repeat in the futureWithin the framework of all the efforts of the municipality to promote and defend science and technology in the city, such as those inherent in the technology pole and the local model center open to the area, which Cañada de Gómez is positioned as a pole for the development of regional education.

Bearing in mind the high scientific, educational and cultural value of this initiative for Canada and the region, Municipal interest declared Through Decree No. 10222 and Regional educational interest by the Ministry of Education From Santa Fe County “The balance is very positive. This multi-educational space has allowed thousands of children and youth to get closer to scientific, artistic, technical, technological and entertainment propositions,” Clerissy concluded.

Thanks and appreciation

Within the framework of the Cañada Tecnociencia Program and the Women’s March, prof Emotional identification of signs. The activity was attended by Conicet Rosario Director, Sandra Fernandez, and Santa Fe Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marina Pima, who were also honored.

The women from Canada who have received the award are: Maria Belen Bernardi, Eliana Maiolino, Laura Pasquale, Maria Victoria Bossi, Paola Callas, Florencia Torrisi, Marisol Gustuzzi, Victoria Alonso, Carla Borini, Gabriela Brescia, Maria Florencia Sanchez, Veronica Tessaro, Veron Solís Cecilia Castells and Luciana Paoletti.

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