Russia closes its airspace to 36 European countries and Canada

Russia closes its airspace to 36 European countries and Canada

Moscow. – Russia It closed its airspace to flights from 36 countries, including all those coming from the European Union and Canada, in response to the same measure taken by these countries after the start of the Russian military intervention against it. UkraineIt was reported today in a statement by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia).

“In accordance with the rules of international law, as a measure in response to the European countries’ ban on flights of civil aircraft of Russian airlines and/or registered in Russia“A ban has been issued on flights by airlines from 36 countries,” the agency said.

He adds that flights from these countries can be carried out with a “special license” issued by Rosaviatsia or by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The published list includes all European Union countries, which in a series have announced the closure of their airspace to Russian companies, as well as the United Kingdom, other European countries that are not members of the European Union, such as Finland, and regions such as the British Virgin Islands. and the British colony of Gibraltar, as well as Canada.

European measures in response to the military operation launched by Russia against it on February 24 Ukraine They have forced Russian airline Aeroflot to suspend all flights to Europe and its neighboring countries until the next months of March or May.

It also canceled flights to many of its destinations in the United States and Latin America because the closure of European and Canadian airspace would force its planes to make a long detour.

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