The Klitschko brothers, on the “black list” of Vladimir Putin

The Klitschko brothers, on the “black list” of Vladimir Putin

More than 400 Russian mercenaries work in Kyiv By order of Kremlin to assassinate the Russian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyso is Government In order to pave the way for Moscow Take control, reveal this Monday.”times“.

The Wagner Groupa private militia led by an ally of the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir Putinworking as an independent branch of the state, brought mercenaries from Africa Five weeks ago on a beheading mission Zelensky’s government In exchange for a huge financial reward.

In addition to Zelenskythe blacklist contains 23 other people, including the prime minister, government, and mayor KyivAnd the Vitali Klitschkoand his brother VladimirBoth are common Former boxing champions who joined the military struggle against the invaders.

Information about this mission has reached Ukrainian government Saturday and hours later, Kyiv The information added that the imposition of a strict curfew for 36 hours “to sweep” the city of Russian saboteurs. Ukrainian authorities warned civilians, when declaring a curfew, not to consider them agents of Kremlin They may be at risk of “liquidation” if they leave their shelters.

A source close to the group’s activities indicates “times”They confirmed that they arrived in January Ukraine Between 2,000 and 4,000 mercenaries. Some were sent to the disputed eastern regions Donetsk And the Luganskwhile another 400 entered from Belarus And headed towards the capital.

Instructions were given to the mercenaries put it in He wants a short break to prove he’s negotiating with him ZelenskyBut he assured them that no agreement would be reached and that this effort would be a hoax, according to a source close to senior officials.

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Zelensky Yesterday, I agreed to send a delegation to meet a Russian team on the border Belarusbut expressed doubts in the seriousness Moscow. The newspaper adds that the mercenaries are waiting for a signal from Kremlin Huge rewards were promised for the dead in the coming days and safe behavior to get out Ukraine before the end of the week.

The mercenaries pride themselves on knowing the exact whereabouts of the president and his colleagues Kyiv It seems that they can track them through their cell phones. After what Moscow invaded last week Zelensky He addressed the nation and claimed that Russian special forces were in the capital looking for him as “Target No. 1”. Wagner It is a private military company and has been closely associated with projects put it in all over the world.

of the property Yevgeny Prigozhinthe oligarch known as the cook put it inThe group carried out covert operations in Africa And the The Middle EastHe was also responsible for causing trouble in the Eastern Province Ukraine In 2014. Sources indicated that she had apparently been informed about the planned invasion in Ukraine In December, long before the Russian army was informed.

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