#Video Russia attacks the TV tower in Kyiv after warning citizens

#Video Russia attacks the TV tower in Kyiv after warning citizens

Russia warn today Citizens living near relay hold Why They will leave their homes And the Shelling Immediately TV tower in Kyivthe Ministry of Defense indicated.

The Russian government has warned the citizens of Kyiv of a new bombardment of the city and asked them to leave their homes, according to a statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The agency quoted the Defense Ministry that Russia immediately bombed the TV tower in Kyiv. user interfaceand stopped broadcasting some channels, Efe was also able to verify.

“We are warning Ukrainian citizens, who are used by Ukrainian nationalists to carry out provocations against Russia, as well as Kyiv residents living near deportation points, to leave their homes,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

From Kyiv, Adviser to the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenkoreported that Russian forces attacked the Kyiv TV tower.

“Putin’s Nazis bombed the TV tower,” Gerashenko wrote on his Telegram channel.

The enemy is attacking the capital. The Kyiv City State Administration said the TV tower was damaged by two missiles, according to first reports.

The substation that supplies electricity to the tower, as well as the televisions itself, were bombed and damaged.

In Kyiv, security was reinforced, and, as Effie was able to verify, they put anti-tank barricades on the main streets, especially at the entrances to government buildings, and trucks arrived loaded with sand for making sandbags.

Some put them on the ramp to reach the seat of government in the Plaza de la Independencia.

Units of soldiers were seen marching around the city, apparently heading towards Parliament and the government for protection.

With information from EFE

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