Sagrario Clinic collects used eyeglasses to send to Uganda

Sagrario Clinic collects used eyeglasses to send to Uganda

Sagraro clinic in MelillaDedicated to the world of ophthalmology, She launched a campaign aimed at collecting used eyeglasses, targeting people who need them in Uganda. In this way, Dr. Sagrario launched a collaboration with the Felfo Association which The purpose is to give a second life to lenses that are no longer used.

The ideaAccording to Teresa Sagario, It arose when he noticed the large number of cups that were discardedwhether after surgery or by children who grow or even change diopters. “They always ask me what to do with glasses and that’s what I thought they could get a second life if they were donated to people who need them and who can’t access them”It is to explain.

Una vez que la doctora tuvo claro que las lentes podían ayudar a personas necesitadas de otros países, buscó el sitio adecuado para llevarlas y así nació la colaboración with the asociación Felfo, my relacionada with los países africanos y, sobre todo, con el mundo de woman.

People who want to donate their old glasses can do so by going to the clinic, located on the second floor of Avenida Juan Carlos.. Some have been installed Containers in which they can be deposited. “The system is very simple. It’s just a matter of depositing it in the clinic and we actually handle the afterwork.”

What does this job consist of? Primarily in grading, measuring, labeling and grading the glasses so that they are all ready when they arrive in Uganda through the association to facilitate the task of distribution.

“I think it’s a very nice idea.”commented Teresa Sagario, who noted that cup deposit containers will always be in her clinic because according to her, “We must establish the use of Second Life so that we can help others.”

sure, It’s about doing a “simple project” Where many people can collaborate to improve the lives of people who do not have access to lenses.

Felfo, for its part, is an NGO inspired by the belief that every woman “deserves a chance to reach her potential.” Therefore, it works on the ground to create economic opportunities and to inspire young women and those who care for the elderly to participate in their social development.

Felfo collaborates with other organizations such as the Uganda Red Cross, Manus Yunidas and a large number of international NGOs Which has its field of work in the African country mentioned above. In fact, Felfo’s work is often done in collaboration with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that create economic opportunity, foster women’s enterprise, and inspire young women to engage in education, creativity, and economic development.

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