Saúl Canelo Álvarez: His big job with the gas station and memories of his brother’s kidnapping


Saul Alvarez He perfectly achieves two aspects that, although they seem separate, are more closely related: he is not only one of the best boxers in the history of Mexico, but also a great businessman.

Along these lines, the Jalisco-born revealed part of his fortune and new business in an interview: “Every three months I have between four and five million dollars. I have to retire now and I have no problem. Right now I’m about to open between 90 and 100 gas stations here in Mexico. They will be called Canelo Enri.”

In the way he invests, notice it “I don’t like to risk all the money, you have to be smart. When you risk something, or do it to win, but I’m not stupid either. You can have a lot of money quickly or you can get nothing quickly.”

About the kidnapping of his brother

One of Canelo’s brothers was a victim of organized crime: in 2018 he was kidnapped and the boxer himself was forced to negotiate with criminals to get him back. during the program In Depth with Graham Bensinger, He remembered those moments.

“Over the phone, I negotiated everything for his release. For three days I negotiated with these bastards to let him go. Three days!” He commented on the event that took place days before his fight with Rocky Fielding.

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