Science as a Highly Relevant Subject: Andreu Comas – El Sol de San Luis

Science as a Highly Relevant Subject: Andreu Comas – El Sol de San Luis

Now where the pandemic has shown us really ridiculous sides by some world leaders, we have post-truth, fake news, and so; la divulgación de la ciencia toma una gran relevancia, ya que lo que necesitamos es dar a conocer that la ciencia es camiante y rigurosa, y que es la que debe ditar las políticas publicas y las acciones en general, for lo que es importante acercarla a the people.

Referred to above by Andrew Comas-García, Professor and Researcher at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, UASLP, who highlighted the importance of popularizing science in these times.

Science should be seen as something important “We always have to find a way to get our products in two things; first, the effect it can have and, second, that it can be detected and transmitted to people.”

At present, it is not enough to have well-trained youth in their various regions, but also to participate in solving current problems.

He emphasized the work done at the UASLP during the so-called Science Summer, where girls, boys and young men go, “The importance of the activities that take place during Science Summer allow children to make their first contacts with The Sciences. One of the advantages of this approach is that it generates critical thinking in it, something that It was lost with the multiple reforms in education.”

He stressed the importance of science and its dissemination, “The approach to science necessarily generates critical thinking with the ability to read, which is what we need today more than others.”

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