With CHKT Online, more than five million risk assessments have been performed

With CHKT Online, more than five million risk assessments have been performed

Just over five years after its launch, with CHKT Online of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), more than five million risk assessments have been carried out from a computer, tablet or mobile phone, in a matter of minutes and through a simple operation. questionnaire, they can find out their risk of suffering from the main chronic diseases affecting the population of Mexico.

Dr. Ivan Alejandro Rodríguez Torres, Coordinator of Medical Programs in the Disease Prevention and Detection Department of IMSS, noted that in 2021 and 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this digital tool has significantly increased the number of assessments performed each year, on average Two million people in the mentioned years.

“This made it possible to increase the number of PrevenIMSS examinations, to close the nearly 23 million examinations performed in family medicine units, and now with the innovation of PrevenIMSS in hospitals, with residents already performing preventive procedures in second and tertiary hospitals.. level of care.”

He explained that CHKT Online is a digital tool that makes it possible to enhance access to preventive services provided by the institute to the beneficiary population, without having to go to the medical unit.

He explained that in the first phase, which was carried out in 2017, the risks of developing diabetes and arterial hypertension were assessed. In 2018, questionnaires on prostate and breast cancer were included; One year later, evaluation for colorectal cancer.

Dr. Rodriguez-Torres explained that each of these cases has its own questionnaire, which evaluates risk conditions and guides each person to see if they have a lower or higher risk of suffering from the disease; “By itself, it does not make a diagnosis, but rather indicates the possibility of a disease.”

He pointed out that when a risk rating is obtained, the application notifies the beneficiary to go to his PrevenIMSS unit in the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) and provides the possibility of scheduling a preventive medicine appointment to carry out preventive measures. Detection based on findings from risk assessment.

He pointed out that the vision is to increase the number of cases that are evaluated through the online CHKT, and for this reason work is being done to identify risk questionnaires that are subject to preventive measures and that are considered as priority issues of concern in social security.

He emphasized that the main feature of the online CHKT is the recruitment of beneficiaries who have not had the opportunity to attend preventive medicine units, “This is access to services, making items available to beneficiaries to know their at-risk conditions, giving them the opportunity to be appointed and with the support of IT, having reminders on hand Until they come to their appointment.”

The IMSS Medical Programs Coordinator added that this digital tool is open to the entire population, allowing those who do not belong to social security to go early to the health services that correspond to them and, if necessary, to start treatment in a timely manner.

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