Scientific resources should address problems: Researcher in Coahuila

Scientific resources should address problems: Researcher in Coahuila

Cristobal Aguilar, Director of Research and Graduate Studies Autonomous University of Coahuila (UAdeC) and research professor at Faculty of Chemical SciencesHe believed that resources allocated to science and technology should be addressed within a general agenda of the state that addresses problems immediately.

If the problem is water, what are the projects? If the goal is to prevent fires in the Artiga forest, what are the projects? comment.

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The above after pro weekly This week published a report on what State Council for Science and Technology (Coecyt) With more than 130 million pesos they transferred due to the electoral fines of the parties.

he kosette The privilege of spending on projects that yield no results, on repeated studies or diagnoses, on books that no one knows about, is a statue Million pesos or half a million pesos virtual forums.

he Researcher Aguilar, considered that the people of Coahuila and the general population of the country, They do not know what it means to live in a knowledge society, to generate technology and knowledge, because they have never invested in it, on any level.

For this reason, he added, there must be an investment in itself, because it is not Give the resource naturally.

For it to be valued, the investment must be greater than 1%, when that is invested, there is evidence of an advanced society and not that it is being told in conversations. More investment in science and technology is required. The amounts available are low for any state.”exposed to.

He pointed out that there is a need for more scholarships and more investment in priority projects, and to stimulateTo innovate and create link programs in the private sector.

“As science and technology become a public issue, we will see progress“, he added.

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