What is Koselig, the Norwegian way to reduce stress and lead a more active life

What is Koselig, the Norwegian way to reduce stress and lead a more active life

If you think it Gull Summum It was spending hours and hours IkeaWe want you to know that there is something new horizons to discover. Have you heard about He will come the happiness In the little things? he Danish philosophy of life And a charming motif that emphasizes comfort, warmth, relaxation and the joy of everyday moments. If that bell doesn’t ring, we’ll tell you it’s pronounced “hoo-gee” (but it’s better than that). listen here) and he Wellness trend that crossed the border a few years ago. Although the word itself has no translation, it means something like “warm”, everyone liked it and it is everywhere. The same thing happens with him koseliglast usually coming from the north.

Nordic citizens are the happiest in the world. In fact, several studies indicate this Finland is the happiest country on the planetBefore DenmarkAnd Swiss And Iceland. despite of Norway It does not top the list, as there is a file koseligroad Reduce stress.

Like hygge, the concept of koselig does not have an easy translation either. In fact, there is no specific word that defines it, it would be a mixture of both AttractiveAnd Care And to be in a situation where a person feels comfortable, relaxed and free.

What is koselig?

koselig is kind of Scandinavian secret To overcome seasonal depression and the Seasonal affective disorder. Wow, this one comes from pearls Leave winter behind And Spring embrace. Get over the dark, cold evenings and enjoy long, fun days.

Specifically, it is about creation warmth from within And present experience. If possible, in the company. Because the joy of sharing a fun environment with the people you care about is part of that long-cherished happiness in the little things.

However, this interior is not like hygge, which has its heart in homes. That is, to modify the external environment to generate inner well-being, to make the home a refuge. Either with candles or flowers, or perfume rooms or choose Friendly and comfortable decor.

A more active and free life

in koselig It’s about dating Instead of staying in, say, on the couch, curled up in a blanket with a good cup of coffee or tea and watching Netflix. Focus more on one connection with nature and with Social relations. Seeking to lead the community more active life. This in Norway is very challenging, due to the cold and few daylight hours that the country experiences in winter. If they can do it, so can we.

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