Seventeen examples of refugees leading sustainable development

Seventeen examples of refugees leading sustainable development

We are halfway to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and although progress has been made, it has not been achieved at the desired speed or scale. Moreover, new and existing crises have exacerbated long-standing obstacles to sustainable development.

Building on the momentum surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in New York in September, the Global Refugee Forum will provide another great opportunity to mobilize action for positive changes in the lives of refugees, as well as foster commitments to support host countries.

At UNHCR, we know that the people most affected by the world’s most visible challenges are those best placed to discover and implement solutions. While armed conflicts, growing food insecurity, and the climate emergency have pushed the world’s displaced people to the brink, many refugees have found ways to give back to host communities as educators, human rights defenders, entrepreneurs, and activists. Other activities. Therefore, it is essential that they receive support and encouragement in their efforts. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals depends on including refugees – including young people – in national systems, social safety nets, and local economies, as well as development plans and responses.

These are some examples of refugees setting the standards.

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