Shakira already has a date to move to the United States with her children

Shakira already has a date to move to the United States with her children

Shakira Their two children will settle in Miami (USA) after the holidays from Easter Holidaysay the Colombian personally notified her ex-partner Gerrard PiqueSources close to the singer confirmed to EFE.

As stipulated in the agreement the couple signed in November, the singer can move with her children to the US once the Christmas holidays are over, which has not happened due to Shakira’s father’s health is deteriorating.

And on Thursday evening, the doctors at the Techno Clinic, in which William Mubarak entered Shakira, said that they could not perform surgery on her father, as was the singer’s wish, so she made her decision not to delay any more, leaving Barcelona.

At the time, Shakira contacted the principals of the schools in Barcelona, ​​where her children are now studying, and her chosen one in Miami, to ask them about the advisability of making the transfer at this time in the cycle.

Both from Barcelona and from Miami sent messages to the singer in which they indicated that there was no problem with moving the children – Milan, 10 years old, and Sasha, 8 years old, and that they also do it after the vacation period. to Easter Holiday It can help with change and subsequent adaptation.

Likewise, those in charge of the Barcelona school supported the move to Miami because in recent months the minors showed signs of anxiety due to the pressure of the paparazzi.

Pique knows Shakira’s move

With favorable professional opinions, that was when ShakiraCall personally antiquities To explain the reasons for making the conversion at this time according to the same sources.

The singer and the children were already planning to leave Spain to enjoy the Easter holidays, which they will do in the coming days. After this break, it will be when they settle permanently in Miami.

The artist has been living in Barcelona since 2011, the year when her relationship with the former Spanish footballer was announced.

On June 4, he announced that they were separating and soon after expressed his desire to move to Miami.

The trip was delayed several times due to the need to reach an agreement with Pique regarding custody of the two children and the health problems of Shakira’s parents, who live in Barcelona and will also move to Miami.

Shakira And antiquities They reached an agreement in November that the artist would remain in charge of the mansion in that American city. (EFE)

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