Shakira and Pique… parents again? Mahoney Vident expected it

Shakira and Pique… parents again?  Mahoney Vident expected it

After the controversy unleashed the breakup Shakira and Piquefavorable situations have been added for the Colombian singer, because after breaking with the release of her single “BZRP Music Session No. 53” (on January 11), she is now achieving resounding success with her new single “TQG” in collaboration with Carol G (distributed to networks on February 24).

And 24 hours after the premiere of “BZRP Music Session No. 53” — in which the Colombian made several references to the former soccer player, with whom she spent 12 years, as well as her new partner, Clara Xia Marte — there had already been more than 75 million views. flowing.

Some of the statements that have gone viral on social media since then include references to his song “Luba” and comparisons to luxury watches and car brands. “I’m too big for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you”, “I get it it’s not my fault they criticize you / I’m just making music / Sorry I sprayed you”.

Shakira and Pique split after 12 years of dating. Photo: Capture IGshakira

The latest music release from Shakira With Karol G called “TQG” (Te Quédé Grande) also full of arrows full of pride and lack of love towards their ex antiquities and Anuel AA, with statements like “I left and got triple M’s: harder, better, higher level. To never get back with you, you’re lucky, because now blessings are pouring down on me.”

“I saw what your girlfriend threw at me, it’s not angry, I laugh, I laugh. You want to come back, you already assumed it, I love my photos. You seem happy with your new life, but if I knew you were still looking for me,” the verses interpreted by the Colombians continue.

Shakira and Pique, parents again: Mahony Vident

With the spread of “TQG,” some fans of Shakira They remembered that last year, Mahony Sir Sign that singer f antiquities They will have a son with their partners in the middle of 2023. According to forecasts, the former footballer of FC Barcelona will be pregnant with Clara Xia, while the Singer and songwriter from Barranquilla You will have a baby through a surrogate pregnancy.

Mahoney Vident expects the singer and Pique to have a baby Photo: El Heraldo Media Group

However, the good news for the translator of “Monotonía” does not stop there, because it has been calculated Mahony SirLove is knocking on her door and the singer is going to fall in love with a Latino guy. (ShakiraHe will be talking about having a new partner in May or June,” he confirmed while reading the messages.

Piqué and Clara stop hiding their relationship for several months. Photo: IG @3gerardpique

However, he pointed out that when Gerard Finding out that his ex-partner is having a new affair, he is going to file a lawsuit for custody of his two children, Milan and Sasha, in such a way as to have them return to Spain with him.

But the expectations don’t stop there, since Mahoney He also mentioned that the translator of “Eyes Like These” would go through a painful moment, as one of his parents would die, and although he did not reveal who, perhaps – due to the delicate state of health – William Mubarak could believe L.

Gerard Pique and his sons Milan and Sasha Photo: IG @3gerardpique

While the fortune-teller’s predictions are verified or not, all that remains is to observe how the stories unfold around the life of Shakira, who now predicts many successes that she will undoubtedly continue to reap thanks to her great artistic talent.

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