She was Lady Kwale, the Nigerian potter praised by Google with a doodle

She was Lady Kwale, the Nigerian potter praised by Google with a doodle

This Wednesday, March 16, Google implemented a doodle in honor of Lady Quali who was a teacher, porcelain Stained glass and pottery Nigerian who was responsible for publicizing his nation’s art through ornate ceramic designs.

This way, in honor of her, her work and her life, Google has made a short animation where you can watch Ladi Kwali craft clay potAs the women watch her, a little girl later approaches her.

Who is Lady Qualy, the Doodle Potter?

The full name of the potter was Ladi Dosei Kwali and she was born in March 16, 1925 Within a family of potters who worked in the local government area of ​​Kwale, in the capital city of Nigeria.

In this way, when Kawali was young, her aunt taught her the ways of rolling and pinching pottery, which she perfected little by little and fused with her own style while making it. daily containers Decorated with animal icons.

Thus, his work and technique were soon recognized by local aristocrats who exhibited his works as Home decoration And in 1950 Michael Cardio, founder of the first potters training facility in Abuja, discovered Quwali’s talent.

For this reason, she joined the Abuja Ceramics Center after four years, making history as the first Nigerian woman to be trained in advanced technologies Ceramics.

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Laddy kept cracking the blueprints and making the pieces he mixed in traditional style With innovative ways to create a hybrid range of stylized ceramics with animal illustrations; She also held exhibitions in Europe and America, where she was recognized internationally.

Later she became a university professor. He got his Ph.D. He received his Ph.D. from Ahmadu Bello University in 1977 and the Nigerian National Merit Award in 1980, one of the most distinguished in the country, in honor of his contributions.

Lady Quali died on August 12, 1984. However, his life and legacy are still remembered in the official currency of Nigeria, Because her image is present at 20 naira, and she is the first and only female presenter.

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