“Shut up Gringo”, the trend that emerged to defend a Japanese for a witch’s image – Kudasai

“Shut up Gringo”, the trend that emerged to defend a Japanese for a witch’s image – Kudasai

Recently, there has been a controversy on Twitter regarding an illustration by the Japanese artist kurobi about the movie Walt Disney PicturesAnd Charm. This film is inspired by Latin American culture, specifically Colombian culture, but its art is beginning to receive criticism on English-speaking accounts.

Critics pointed to the fact that the characters’ skin color “It was so white“that”Latin Americans are not respected“However, they came from English-speaking accounts in the United States. In fact, the comments from users in Latin America were very positive and praised the artist’s art, but the weight of the Americans was greater. «This looks very good! But why is the skin tone lighter than it should be?» Wrote one of these reviews.

In the end, the painter decided to cancel the publication due to the controversy it had caused, which angered Latin Americans, who were tired of Americans “You want to speak for Latin AmericaMake the hashtag viral # ShutUpGringo2022 (#shut up Gringo). Some notable comments with this hashtag have included:

  • «Remember, if you’re not from Latin America, you have no right to complain about this movie! Let’s get something good for Latinos. We don’t just complain about the colors of an animatronic monkey’s skin».
  • «Hey, sorry, I know you deleted this photo, but I will tell you something: your art is excellent and you handle colors very well. Don’t be afraid of ignorant people who want to hurt you because of things they can only imagine. I’m Mexican and everything here we are. rejoice!».
  • «I am from Colombia and I just want to tell you that your art is incredible, do not pay attention to those who try to make you think that you have no talent. Americans have no idea what Latin Americans are like. You are so talented, proud of that».
  • «You make fine art for fans, you don’t care to hate gringos, they don’t understand the situation in Latin America, but they still think they can be our “saviors”, of course, how can Latin Americans save themselves? So they think. They have no idea about anything».
  • «Dude, your drawing is beautiful. We Latin Americans support you, don’t listen to strangers who are offended by everything».
  • «Dude, you are awesome! You draw so amazing, it’s better to ignore the American accounts. Those of us who speak Spanish have a hashtag to answer them».

fountain: Twitter

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