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“Queen of squirting” It became a television phenomenon in Latin America, Spain and the United States. The fictional story starring Carolina Ramirez and Carlos Torres was broadcast in Colombia by Caracol Televisión, later moved to Netflix, and managed to grab audiences for two seasons with the story of Yeimy Montoya and Charly Flow.

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“La Reina del Flow” was awarded an International Emmy, the main component of which was music. Reggaeton was the stellar genre in fiction that showed a panorama of urban music in Colombia, where artists such as Maluma or J Balvin came to prominence.

Yes good “Queen of squirting” Concluded in September 2021 in Colombia and in November of the same year on Netflix, the actors who were part of the cast are still in touch. This was demonstrated by Carlos Torres, who met his colleagues from the series to sing reggaeton. Did you see him? Here are the details.

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“La Reina del Flow” has become a television phenomenon in Latin America, Spain and the United States. (Photo: Carlos Torres/Instagram)

Carlos Torres interview with Rigatoneros “LA REINA DEL FLOW”

The song “La Reina del Flow” brought to the table the theme of reggaeton in Colombia, the country where urban music has given great names like Maluma or J Balvin. They, great musical personalities, have shown that reggaeton is at its best.

In the episodes of “La Reina del Flow”, we saw the participation of big music stars such as Sebastian Yatra, Carol J, Patti Canto, Joey Montana, Fede or Manuel Torrizo, among many others, who put their musical share in the novel.

This is how “La Reina del Flow” characterizes the actors and singers. They all formed a great friendship during the recordings of the series and even after the end, they kept in touch to share the good times.

Through his Instagram account, Carlos Torres showed his private meeting with his companions from “La Reina del Flow”. Artists gathered to sing reggaeton and enjoy the music.

With the kids and me? What are they saying? kinokmusicjuanpalaukevinburyoficial hahahahaha Carlos Torres wrote with a video he posted on his Instagram account where we can see him singing with one of his teammates.

In a meeting between friends, with children, we were able to see other beloved characters from “La Reina del Flow” with Carlos. Among them is Marcos Andrés Carreño, better known as Kino who gave life to Axel.

With a microphone in hand, Carlos Torres and his friends sing “Tattoo” by Rao Alejandro. “You… you’re here to eat everything, everything, that’s how you are. You look so rich, that little face and that tattoo. Oh, you make a note that never goes down. There’s no need for anything if you’re there”, is the part that The Colombian actor can be heard singing while dancing and laughing.

“Aiii oie what a delicious ome,” Kino wrote in the video. “Ayyyy!!! A Tour oq?? ”, added Kevin Bury among the comments.

Juan Palau, the actor and singer who brings the drama Key to life, also added a message to the video: “Ishhh Niño que parchesoteee ⚡️🖤.”

With this encounter, Carlos Torres showed the great friendship he still had with the actors who were part of the series after the end of the recordings.

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