Space Jam: New Legends takes first place at the Spanish box office

Space Jam: New Legends takes first place at the Spanish box office

Big companies continue to make big bets for the summer season in our country, but the box office is again frozen at 3.5 million euros of the total collection among the top twenty films of the weekend. According to comScore data, just over half a million moviegoers showed up in theaters between Friday and Sunday. They are not impressive characters. The ranking welcomes a new number one spot: “Space Jam: New Legends”.

The 1996 film’s sequel debuted at number one after its release on 544 screens. It does so by raising 1.03 million euros. It may have been a bit of a hype (there’s a promotion for the movie in nearly every store), but “Space Jam: New Legends” showed no signs that audiences were waiting with anticipation and didn’t get good career reviews. At least it can boast that it first cemented over a million euros, which we unfortunately see very little this season. Its average per screen was the best on the weekend, touching almost €2,000. We’ll see how it holds up.

“Everyone’s the train! Destino surprises Asturias by climbing one position and dropping only 19% from the previous week despite the number of copies reduced.”. It adds 560,740 euros to a very interesting total of 4.27 million euros, which shows that it is well received during the week although it is clear that they threw more premieres at the weekend. He’s far, yes, out of the nearly €7 million he accrued in his third week of “Dad No More Than 2” last summer. It is also one of the films that offer the best.

“La Purga Infinita” drops one place and adds 468,732 euros to a total of 1.79 million euros. Although its decline is more moderate than other films on the billboard, if it begins to decline at that rate in its third week, it will still be far behind Warren File: Forced by the demon, its other big competitor in terms of horror in recent weeks. But the person in free fall is the Black Widow.. Scarlett Johansson goes from number one to four in its third week and loses 42% of his group compared to the previous week. The total cost of the Marvel movie is 4.66 million euros, which is a rather low number for the character it is and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general. It’s not an absolute hole punch that he’s suffered in the States, the total here shows he’s still scratching on weekdays, but he wouldn’t be one of the summer queens either.

Top 5 closes existing at the moment The highest-grossing movie of the year in our country. After four weeks in theaters, Fast & Furious 9 took 7.99 million euros. It decreases with some strength compared to the previous weekend, at the end of the day they do not stop leaving rivals, but the only person with such brilliant numbers is the “Warren file” on which they have accumulated 6 million euros.

“Space Jam” was the strongest show of the weekend. Also the most copied and publicized. But that does not take away the disappointment from the rest of the news. In particular two have more than 150 launch copies each. SelectaVisión launched ‘Wrong Turn: Path to Hell’ and it remained at number 9 with €53,965 at the box office and an average of €337 per screen. ‘the lid’, The Secun de la Rosa feature debuted with 179 copies and was in 12th place for only €30,509 Too bad 170 euros per screen.

Beach, cruise ship or swinger bar?

Great premieres continue to drop for another week. Added to the billboard are “Tiempo”, the new madness of M. Night Shyamalan, “Jungle Cruise”, a Disney adventure starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson (also available on Disney+ at an additional cost), the hot Spanish comedy “Donde fit two” and a movie Movement “Knights of Justice” with Mads Mikkelsen. Which one will take LeBron James away from number one?

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