Israel: new restrictions due to an increase in injuries and serious cases due to the delta variable | They do not rule out the possibility of imposing a new quarantine


After recording the highest mortality rate in six months from the delta variable, Israel has seen an increase in severe cases of coronavirus during the Weekend: 63 people were taken to hospital NS 17 of them need breathing help. In the face of this Maru, the government imposed New health restrictions.

The Israeli Ministry of Health just mentioned that 1,118 new cases of coronavirus were recorded on Friday for the first time in nearly four months, while the number Currently infected cases stop at 6.563.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced new health restrictions on Sunday in an effort to curb the highly contagious Delta type of coronavirus.

“We are seeing an increase in injuries and serious cases. What are we waiting for? Do you have thousands of cases per day? Hundreds in serious condition? That hospitals are full? We have to stop playingHealth Minister Nitzan Horowitz said on a TV channel.

The Israeli government had already reinstated the mandatory use of chin straps in public, but now Health Ministry officials have called for their use. Resubmission of the “Green Passage” vaccination certificate, which was launched in February and allows entry to many institutions for those who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, or who have a valid negative test.

The measure aims to limit attendance at shows, restaurants, hotels and gyms. Similarly, the government announced that Will file complaints against confirmed coronavirus patients who have violated quarantineHa’aretz local media reported.

Police will be tasked with patrolling and enforcing new procedures at events and celebrations, especially at weddings, as these gatherings have a high potential for mass infection.

The new Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Nahman Asch, pointed out this He does not want to impose a new quarantine, although he has not ruled out the possibility of thatHe urged residents to follow sanitary rules to help curb infection.

“Anything can happen, but We don’t want to go to jail,” the official told Channel 12.

Also, from Friday, All passengers arriving in Israel must be quarantined for 24 hours or until they have a negative result for a COVID-19 test.

People arriving from the UK, Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, Uganda, Myanmar, Fiji, Panama, Cambodia, Kenya and Liberia will need to self-quarantine for seven days.

Finally, the Israeli Ministry of Health issued a travel ban on Spain and Kyrgyzstan, which will go into effect on Friday, adding more countries to the list requiring a seven-day quarantine starting next week. These countries include Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Namibia, Paraguay, Seychelles, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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