“Success does not always lead to happiness”: Carlos Slim’s advice to young people

“Success does not always lead to happiness”: Carlos Slim’s advice to young people
Carlos Slim is the richest person in Mexico. Photo: GRACIELA LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

Last Wednesday Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Heluthe person with the most money in Mexico, and one of the richest men in the world, appeared in The fourteenth edition of the Youth Conference, organized by the American University High School Students Association.

Saleem sent a letter to the youth who attended the conference, in which he talked about various topics, including a letter he wrote in 1994, and what success means to him.

To the billionaire whose fortune is estimated according to the American magazine specialized in financial affairs ForbesFrom 55 thousand 930 million dollars, He was asked what he recommended for young people to be successful in the new technological and cognitive civilization. In light of this, he replied that he had a message for young people, explaining that success is something external. “I think you should It goes beyond success as inner satisfaction. Success in business, success in sports, success is recognition from third parties (…) The entrepreneur said, “Success does not always lead to happiness.”

He commented that if someone’s goal is to Success at all costs, not the bestBecause it is necessary to put some other values ​​and principles before what could be Professional or economic success or in the activity you are developing. “The most important thing, as I was saying, in my opinion, is the family, And within all of this, the fact that you achieve various successes, you have to take good care of yourself, you have to manage it, that they don’t lose you, that they don’t knock you out, that you don’t “don’t lose ground, don’t explode from that, we see it in athletes, in actresses, in actors.” How they are isolated, after the success they have achieved.”

The billionaire has an estimated fortune of 55 thousand and 930 million dollars.  Pictures: dark room
The billionaire has an estimated fortune of 55 thousand and 930 million dollars. Pictures: dark room

He said that if that happens, you start to live a life without passion, so he thinks you should look for a way Happiness, inner peace, harmony, family atmosphere, friends, And not to have growth as the only goal, to be the best boxer, or to be the champion at something.

Saleem talks about caring Do not fall into these external temptations, which he described as a “poison” that enters people. As it was explained Think positive, not negative thoughtsand be optimistic, ‘but with Resolute and patient optimism always pays off. When young people go on the road croakThey feel they can’t do it, and they can’t do the other, and they end up mediatethen you have to be careful to never be humble, you have to be careful about the kind of competitiveness one looks for in life, but above all, it is alwaysBe satisfied with yourself, because we cannot deceive ourselves.”

The telecommunications magnate said that Preparation is very important Because “in an agricultural society, I think 95%, if not 98% of the population, was illiterate. When the printing press was invented, it didn’t matter much because people didn’t know how to read (…) at that time it didn’t matter Also, there was no social mobility, there was no interest in people who were born very marginalized being integrated into society at higher levels.or just being educated Advance with arms by the army, Or, for example, the Aztecs who were very advanced, it was interesting that the children of slaves were born free (…) today, in The world of knowledge, information and technology, You have to prepare yourself, for example, in my case, I did not use the ATM, but after a while when I have to change money or pay something the credit card does not work, the ticket does not work, the checkbook does not work, I don’t know how to do it “.

He said there you go Learn and prepare, whatever your interestsYou have to be prepared, he noted, “besides, the more cultured you are, the more you know things, the better your life will be, and your life will be fuller.”

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