Google Maps. The police found the biggest bike thief in history

Google Maps.  The police found the biggest bike thief in history

Google Maps It is the most used tool by internet users to help people reach different destinations. However, no one had ever imagined that this would work for finding a file The biggest bike thief in the world. The event took place in kingdom United And immediately, this became a trend in various social networks.

This is not the first time you have used this tool Google It spreads on virtual platforms, because on more than one occasion images were found, at least strange, but believe it or not, they served, on more than one occasion, to solve various crimes.

The latest discovery was reported by the English newspaper daily Mail, where authorities found a thief who had been storing bicycles for more than five years. Everything is good so far, except for the fact that these are all stolen.

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This place is located in Oxfordshire, the area in which a person has been reported to have been keeping and storing bicycles of all kinds for a long time. Due to this, the police turned to Google Maps, trying to find the whereabouts of this character.

Aerial view was a major factor in this, because with it he discovered that these vehicles were piled high in his backyard and, most surprisingly, there were hundreds of them, much to the astonishment of law enforcement officials.

This was, precisely, the big mistake these people made, because their yard full of bikes led to an infestation of rats in the area, which upset the neighbors, who ended up alerting the area police about the problem.

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At the moment, the identity of the alleged thief is unknown, but it is certain that he was arrested in early March 2022, although he was released on parole while the relevant investigations are underway.

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