Three men assault a man in a wheelchair

Three men assault a man in a wheelchair

A video taken by security cameras on March 31 at 09:06 am has caused a lot of outrage as the images show the moment two people get out of a black vehicle to assault a disabled man.

The crime took place in front of the Parque de la Armada in the town of Usaquén, in Bogota, Colombia, in the recording you can see the moment when the two men are talking to a man in a wheelchair, while the third, his partner, waits in the car.

Suddenly, one of the criminals began to pull out his bag. “Help me, help me!” The victim started screaming while clinging to his belongings, then the other man also started pulling the thing.

During the attack, the people opened the doors of the car they were in, as the call for help from the disabled person began to attract the attention of the people who started running to help him.

Finally, the criminals got into the car and fled the scene. Witnesses quickly approached the man in the wheelchair to see how he was doing, and some took pictures of the thieves’ vehicle with their phones.

What caught the attention was that there were three soldiers in the area, who arrived after witnesses and did nothing to stop the robbery, so the recording elicited comments such as: “Only the women and the dog that accompanied them,” “The bravest are the women who rushed to his aid, a soldier was there very quietly.” “Now they come out and say they are there to take care of those who live in the public houses that are there and not be police officers.”

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