Russian forces leave the Chernobyl nuclear plant – El Financiero

Russian forces leave the Chernobyl nuclear plant – El Financiero

The Russian forces have left the Chernobyl nuclear power plant It is moving toward Ukraine’s border with Belarus, the company that operates the Ukrainian nuclear reactor said Thursday.

energy Reported that the Russian army was also preparing for Leave Slavutica nearby town where the power plant workers live.

The National Nuclear Generating Company of Ukraine also reported that the reports The Russians dug trenches in the Red Forestwhich is an area of ​​10 square kilometers surrounding the Chernobyl plant within the exclusion zone, and got “large doses of radiation“.

Russian forcesTerrified at the first sign of illness”, which “appeared very quickly”, and they began to prepare to leave, said the operator. This information cannot be independently verified.

Energoatom reported that The Russians signed a document confirming the delivery of the Chernobyl plant Confirms that the installation management He had no complaints about the Russian forces that were “guarding” him..

The march of the Russian forcesin two columns towards the boundary“From Ukraine with Belarus, I identified Energoatom. However, they made it clear A “small number” of Russian soldiers remained at the site.

Russian forces took control of Chernobyl on February 24, just days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that The United States witnessed the movement of Russian forces around the capital, Kyiv, north towards Belarus..

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