The thief wins the lottery and returns the money to the victims

The thief wins the lottery and returns the money to the victims

What would you do if you won the lottery? this is That was precisely what happened to Thief in order to lucky breakwin with a number of The lottery he bought.

The The events took place in Argentina Where, according to local media, the criminal is nicknamed “rambetoHe won 94 million Argentine pesos (about 16.5 million Mexican pesos) and the first thing he did was shout at a police station that he wouldn’t steal any more.

‘Rampito’ said in front of the cops, ‘Guys, I don’t steal anymore.

called the criminal Marcelo Paredes He was known in Puerto Madryn police stations and courts for being arrested for crimes such as theft, robbery and cover-up.

It is known that in totalrambeto‘He was judged seven times and he was judged a’ History of regression five in crime.

It was last December when the guy managed to win the lottery and get millions of pesos in a few minutes.

The criminal returns the money to the victims

The Todo Noticias page revealed that the story of ‘rambetoThe millionaire’s award did not end because, they say, he searched for two victims of the robbery he had been exposed to and offered to return twice as much money he had taken from them in the past.

Now Rambito assures that he will change his life and quit crime.


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