AMLO confirms he has “a lot of respect” for Putin

AMLO confirms he has “a lot of respect” for Putin

Although he was convicted Russian invasion to Ukraine, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorPresident Mexicosaid to be much respect” to his Russian counterpart Russian President Vladimir Putinwhich he just considered “A LeaderLike everyone else in the world.

He is (Putin’s) leader, and I do not judge anyone, it is not the policy of Mexico to insult any person, or any foreign people or government. We have a lot of respect for the boss ChinaFrom Russiafor the president (Joe) Biden from the USAHe referred to a frank question about his opinion of the Russian President.

“Mexico respects all peoples and is not a colony of Russia, China or the United States, it is a free, independent and sovereign country, and that makes me very proud,” he said.

In the morning conference National Palacethe Mexican president condemned again Russia’s invasion of Ukrainebut it was guaranteed Mexico He cannot take a leadership role beyond the impartiality embodied in constitution.

We condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as we condemn all invasions, but we cannot take a leadership role beyond what is wise to maintain our neutrality.”

“That an agreement is reached, that peace is achieved, that people do not suffer, that human lives are not lost, is what I wish. And if there is a way, they come to agreements (Russia and Ukraine). It is not just about confronting peoples who always ignore the decisions that take in domes and that provoke the bases; it is a matter of arrangement upstairs.”

to the president Lopez Obrador He was “very pleased” with the convergence of my envoys United State and Venezuela in recent days.

“Yesterday I was very happy because the agreement between the United States and Venezuela seems to be on the right track, after so many things that have been said. Why reform? Because of the situation in Ukraine, high oil prices. He stressed that the United States can supply it with oil from Venezuela, and it has It has already allowed the American oil company, Chevron, to extract 1 million barrels per day from Venezuela, and this will certainly help relations.

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