AMLO replies to Derbez. You no longer use yellow envelopes, they are now electronic transfers

The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador respond to Actor Eugenio Derbez which is no longer used yellow envelopesbut now bank transfers

And that was last week he stated, “Lion thinks everyone is in his condition. I don’t receive yellow envelopes, I don’t need to,” after Lopez Obrador described him as pseudo environment After expressing his disagreement with the change of course mayan trainin a video with several actors.

“One representative said I don’t receive yellow envelopes, no, it’s electronic transfers, that yellow envelope is outdated,” the president said sarcastically at this Thursday’s press conference.

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Derbez responds by Trine Maya: ‘I’m doing this for the love of Mexico’

After the comedian’s response Eugenio DerbezWho was a participant in the campaign, confirmed that no one paid him to make the video. At this point in my career, I don’t have a need Someone is coming to pay me for saying something.”

In an interview with Ciro Gomez Leiva on Formula Radio, Derbez made it clear that he is not a partisan. “On the contrary, I’m non-partisan because parties come and go and things don’t change. I do it out of love for Mexico, period.”

“It pains me that they are ineligible because I think Leo thinks everyone is in his condition. I do not receive yellow envelopes-I don’t need that. “I win my money with the sweat of my brow,” Derbez added.

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