Team USA will lose stars at the next FIFA date

Team USA will lose stars at the next FIFA date

Today we continue to talk about the issues that caused the opening of the final Octagon in each pick, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the next date is already approaching. October will gather the best actors CONCACAF, but for United State There will be new details in their mission when they have to visit Panama in one of their three games to play this time around.

As it happened to Mexico, as it happened to Jamaica and As has happened with other national teams around the world, the United States will now suffer the loss of all their stars who play in England because Panama is on the famous red list. Those who are not advised to travel due to the epidemic. In this way, the file Premier League The Star Trek will be banned, because upon their return they will lose them for at least 10 days to implement the quarantine.

While he’s not their only rival and will have two home matches, the biggest problem is that a visit to Panama is right in the middle of the other two commitments. On October 7 they host Jamaica at Q2 Stadium in Austin, then they have to travel to Channel Country for the match on October 10, and finally, they will return to the US to host Costa Rica at Field in Columbus. .

England announced that there will be changes to the list on October 4, but Panama has not entered into these amendments. Therefore, in the event that the ban by the English Premier League continues, Among the American players who may miss the upcoming FIFA date are Christian Pulisic and Zach Stephen – who has barely recovered from COVID-19 – and defenders Ethan Horvath, Josh Sargent, Fulham Tim Ream and Anthony Robinson..

The United States will break the sensitive places at the beginning of the eleventh

Just as he had to banish players in the first matches, Greg Berhalter will struggle again at various points on the field, starting with the goalpost. Your first two goalkeepers will be off call, so you’ll have to turn to Matt Turner as the starting goalkeeper, plus the rest may also be from MLS. Pulisic will miss matches again, so Brendan Aronson will be the immediate solution, and there will be fewer concerns about defense when trying to persuade George Bello or MacKenzie to replace Robinson.

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