Donovan Carrillo gets historic US points


Mexican skater Donovan Carrillo has achieved a historic score In his participation in the US International Figure Skating Championships, which comes as part of his preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The tapatío has a rating of 130.93 units In his second routine (his free program), he totaled 208.41 points, placing him fifth overall in the men’s senior competition.

Donovan, pHe is famous for using Juan Gabriel’s music in many of his designs, he scored 62.25 units in the executed items, 72.68 in the program components and 4.0 deductions in his free routine, a score added to that obtained in the short program, 77.48.

Gregorio Nunez, Jalisco ski coachHe stressed that the result obtained by his manager in this competition “is his best mark”.

The coach added that despite this achievement, Donovan still needed to refine a few details:

“I think that as an athlete and a coach you always look for the best result, but everything requires a process of maturation and I think it is time and just keep working to achieve more, the last fifth place is very good, it was a strong event, Brands have gone up, and now they’re just looking to polish and get more clean in the jumps“.

The next Carrillo competition will be Finland Espoo Cup, from October 8-10 in Espoo, Finland, and will conclude the year at the Golden Spin Zagreb that will take place from December 8-11 in Zagreb, Croatia.

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