Tests, tests, tests but in America


Washington. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, reported yesterday, January 13, that the government will double its purchases of Covid-19 tests by an additional 500 million kits, bringing the total to 1,000 million.

As the United States battles the omicron variant, which is sweeping the world, Biden urged his citizens to wear high-quality masks “as part of their patriotic duty.”

However, the White House is facing pressure due to a lack of Covid tests, hampering efforts to keep schools open and get people to work when omicron infections are on the rise.

Biden said about 15 million tests are performed daily, up from 2 million when he took office a year ago.

“Today I directed my team to purchase 500 million additional tests to distribute for free,” he said.

She added that the tests will be available via a government website that will be launched soon.

Concluding his remarks at the White House, President Biden made a “special appeal to social media.”

He declared that “disinformation and disinformation…must stop”. “It’s been a long road, but what’s clear is that the way we get through this is for everyone to do their part…regardless of their political party.”

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