The best of Los Angeles: Netflix brings fans to fans of both seasons of the police series

The best of Los Angeles: Netflix brings fans to fans of both seasons of the police series

Both seasons of the popular Los Angeles comedy/police series are coming to Netflix, and fans are already starting to feel the excitement of the Bad Boys spin-off.

The best in Los Angeles It stars Gabrielle Union as Special Agent Sidney Burnett, sister of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) the Bad Boys character, and Jessica Alba as ex-convict turned working mom, Detective Nancy McKenna.

LA’s Finest is coming to Netflix globally and fans are excited

Despite the star power and connection to the Bad Boy franchise, the series was canceled after the second season by Spectrum Originals, although reaching the streaming giant is starting to give you hope again (as with every series of revivals).

since its abolition, The best in Los Angeles It enjoyed a brief revival after FOX acquired the broadcast rights for both seasons. The network was left without many shows from its Fall 2020 streak due to production halts due to COVID-19.

Netflix It also acquired the rights to broadcast both series. His release resonated with viewers as he became one of the Top 10 Streaming Shows in the US and Canada, but now it’s reaching the rest of the world. The best Los Angeles team spent 26 days in the top 10 list on Netflix in just a few days.

Best in Los Angeles Will Netflix save the series and produce the third installment?

Unfortunately, The best in Los Angeles It was not without problems. Critics panned the show’s first season, giving it a 24 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Audience ratings are more forgiving, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 62 percent overall and an IMDB rating of 5.9. The series also had the misfortune of being ranked ninth on TVLine’s list of the 10 worst shows of 2019.

Since L.A.’s Finest was an offshoot of the Bad Boys movie franchise, viewers could have been forgiven for expecting a cameo appearance from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. There were plenty of Easter eggs, nods to major movies, and even a cameo from former NBA star John Sally, who played a pirate in the movies.

Now that two seasons of the show are on Netflix, there may still be hope for a new season of The best in Los Angeles. Netflix is ​​notorious for saving prematurely canceled TV shows. The streaming giant has revived Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, Full House, and Degrassi, to name a few.

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