The Brembo Hackathon has already won

The Brembo Hackathon has already won

It expired on June 26th First “Brembo Hackathon” marathon organized by Brembo To revisit the world Mobility and finding new solutions outside of traditional innovation processes, in line with your vision “Transforming Energy into Inspiration”.

In the category Digital solutions for the future of mobility between the Startupswon an award 20000 Euro The DAAV . projectan automated transportation service for people with reduced mobility in closed environments, focused on airports.

Brembo Hackathon Distributed WAVE 2022

Among the projects I created equipment who competed to develop the ecosystem and the driving experience of feelingthe new intelligent braking system Brembo, went to first place WAVE DISTRIBUTED – THE FUTURE OF AUTO CONNECTIONAn innovative approach to communication and vehicles, blending the old with the new received 5000 Euro.

In second place was Interbreakwhich is an efficient braking system with a customized driving experience, which won 3000 EUR. Third place went to safe drivingtailored insurance packages thanks to data and artificial intelligence from Sensify, which received 2000 Euro.

Project winners are chosen from among them More than 100 competitors They were chosen by The jury was chaired by Daniel Schillaci, CEO of Brembo, who thanks all participants and winners for the “excellent results obtained” at the end of the first Brembo Hackathon, as well as the sponsors for their cooperation. “This first event witnessed the birth of many New ideas, visions and motivations Interesting, which allows us Looking to the future of mobility with renewed confidenceSchillaci highlights.

Now, the winners will have a chance Work with Brembo to see your idea come to life. The first Brembo Hackathon had participants from Italy, France, India, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Egypt, Iran, Belgium, Tunisia, Pakistan, Slovenia, Uganda and the Netherlands. all meet Teams of three to six people all in one 44 hour competition non stop.

The event took place in red kilometerthe innovation center where the company is based in Bergamo (Italy), was supported by Advanced Electromagnetics, Agrati, Alten, Capeller, DiRete, Galt (ITT), Gaser, Gefit, Gold Phoenix, Heatking, Hevolus Innovation, Idneo, Jacobacci & Partners , Kuehne + Nagel, Link Engineering, Mitsubishi Chemical, Petroceramics, Planetel, Questel, Tecnobody, Teoresi, TLGB and Trelleborg.

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