The Canary Islands is the only community without taxes on feminine hygiene products

The Canary Islands is the only community without taxes on feminine hygiene products

On the proposal of the Minister of Equality, Irene Monteroto put a Reduced tax rate in products feminine hygiene It will not be included in the repair Abortion Law It will be discussed on Tuesday at the board of directors table. This measure, which has been phased out nationally, goes much further in Canary Islands communitywho put him Indirect general canary tax (IGIC) has already zeroed in 2017, becoming the only territory in Spain without taxes on these products.

The Financial independence of the Canary IslandsWith lower regulations in tax rates given the extremes of the European continent and its isolation, it makes it possible for the islands to pass independent legislation on the matter. In this way already in 2017, also on the proposal of Podemos, it was approved in the Regional Parliament to impose this 0% tax on “sanitary pads, tampons, inner liners, silicone cups and sanitary napkins”.

No tax on feminine hygiene

The Ministry’s proposal in this area was to move from 10% of value added tax (Value Added Tax) on feminine hygiene products, i.e. pads and tampons, among others, at 4%. The reduction, which will not take place in the end, as the Minister advanced in an interview on Cadena Ser by not reaching an agreement with the Ministry of Finance.

Before 2017, the tax on feminine hygiene products was 3%. The then Minister of Economy, Rosa Davila (Canary Alliance), commented, at the current 0%, that with this measure the Canary Islands stop paying about 220 thousand euros annually.

In this way, the archipelago is in the same line as other European territories such as Ireland, which has no tax, or Scotland, where it is free, and countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, India or Malaysia. A list on which Spain will not be present at the moment.

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