The capitalist role of European medical entities after Covid

The capitalist role of European medical entities after Covid

Thomas Cobo.

Marking European Doctors DayWhich takes place tomorrow, Saturday May 15, Thomas Cobo, President General Council of Official Medical Associations of Spain (Cgcom) and Vice President European Union of Medical Professionals (UEMS), highlights the role of European medical institutions as primary actors to continue advancing in essential areas such as medical training or accreditation.

President of the Spanish Medical Foundation, incorporated into the European Union of Medical Professionals (UEMS), the European Union of General / Family Physicians (UEMO), and the European Union of Physicians
Hospitals (AEMH), CEOM and European Junior Physicians (EJD) consider that EU4Health program launched It is a great opportunity for these entities to channel part of this budget (5,100 million) in their investments Postgraduate medical training, continuing medical training and accreditation. All this in order to allow free traffic to
Specialists in the European Union, “he points out.

In his opinion, L.The epidemic has revealed a clear need to strengthen health systems And crisis management. Consequently, this program will prepare the European Union for major cross-border threats to health and ensure that health systems are resilient and able to deal with epidemics, as well as long-term challenges such as population aging and health inequality. “It is imperative that all European and national medical entities participate in this great opportunity for society and Health professionals On the continent, “- confirms.

Preparing European healthcare for tomorrow’s health challenges

Thomas Cubo confirms that he will work from Cgcom and UEMS on all initiatives aimed at preparing European and Spanish healthcare for the health challenges of the future, to improve health. Resilience of health systems And warranty Better health outcomes for everyoneThe program will also focus on disease prevention and health promotion; Digital transformation of health systems and access to health care, especially for vulnerable groups.

Finally, it highlights Cgcom’s role as a meeting point and a way to get to know Latin America thanks to the relationship with Confemel, “which is historic and has gradually strengthened over the years. Cgcom’s role as a bridge between European medical institutions and Ibero-American medical entities is essential. In this sense, we have already strengthened the agreement.” Collaboration on training and medical accreditation between UEMS and Confemel. “

the teacher Vasilius Papallois, President of UEMS, highlights the importance of the UE4Health program: because – in his opinion – “one of the most important lessons we have learned from the pandemic is that European countries must cooperate in healthcare to meet a major challenge such as COvi-19 or similar epidemics or other challenges.” Nevertheless, it emphasizes the need to learn from mistakes made
This past year and calls for “not to return exactly to what everyone was doing before the pandemic, that would be a failure. We must learn the lessons of this epidemic and try to change our professional practice in a number of ways.”

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on medical training

on the other side, Matthias Corner, Chief Junior European Physician, assesses the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on training doctors: “We need to learn from the epidemic and the risks of the economy in the health sector. In order to have a sufficient number of available workforce, it is essential to provide adequate training and sufficient personnel trained in the professions We need effective measures to reduce working hours, even in the event of an epidemic, so that there is a sufficient number of employees.

In the same line, Eric Theo Meerholz, President of the European Association of Hospital Physicians (AEMH), reflects his concern about the consequences of this health crisis. “The epidemic has taught us that the European Union’s role is in Coordination of cross-border healthcare and assistance must be strengthenedHe explains.

For his part, Calin Bomplot, President of the European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO), emphasized the importance of Health work for medical professionals at this timeOr: “Despite a lack of resources, poor personal protective equipment, insufficient funding, and a shortage of primary care physicians in all countries, physicians have met and exceeded their professional obligations, often at great risk. To themselves.”

Defense of sanitation work

Regarding the defense of this health work, the High Representative of Family Physicians in Europe explained that the number of computer doctors in most European countries is decreasing while the number of hospital doctors is increasing. “This is neither sustainable nor economically feasible. The profitable healthcare system relies strictly on a robust and sustainable computer.

With the purpose Jose Santos “European medical societies have always united and worked together in the fight to defend doctors and health professionals.” In this sense, he explains that CEOM has partnered with European Medical Associations (EMOS) in protecting the health of these professionals, which has led to pressure on the European Commission and the governments of different countries so that they can carry out their activity. Safely. ”

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