Café Científico will analyze a forensic science scenario with 3 experts from Concepción


The first half of 2021 was marked not only by the second wave of the Covid-19 health crisis, but also A case series of high public impact Which focused on the interest of the community, researchers and experts. There where Forensic science They’ve monopolized the important minutes on television with attention-grabbing court proceedings like those of little ones Thomas Bravo In Arauco and the Young Scouts Thomas Acevedo In San Vicente de Tagua Tagua.

The Progress in this science, its current status and challenges This Thursday May 13 will be taken up on a new day of The science cafes of the Biotechnology Center at the University of ConcepcionAs part of its twelfth season, three experts will address the topic from a legal, medical and anthropological point of view. It comes down to the forensic psychiatrist, Francisco Vergara Forensic anthropologist, Ivana Toyo The former Public Prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Office, Andres Cruz.

The director of the Biotechnology Center, Dr. Rosario Castillo Comment on that “As an institution, we have always wanted to give space to all disciplines of knowledge. The field of forensic medicine is a discipline that has become closely related to our population due to many recent events and we found it necessary to create a space for discussion and analysis of this kind.” “Forensic science is attractive to anyone, to researchers, to creators of movies and series. Proving more than finding the truth through a scientific and well-supported theoretical method is fundamental in our society,” Manifice.

Multi platform

Talking, like all of those in the course, will happen from 19 hr Today to flow And it will be cross-platform. On Facebook Live by / CafesCientificosConce / RadioUdeC, and also on YouTube at / CentrodeBiotecnologiaUdeCTV. Additionally, for the first time it will be transmitted via Twitter by the profile CBUdeC.

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