The cat thief puts his owner in trouble because of the multiple robberies he commits

The cat thief puts his owner in trouble because of the multiple robberies he commits
Cat thief
Cleo, the famous cat thief in the United States. Image: Pexels

On, we tell you about a cat thief who got his owner into trouble because of the multiple robberies he committed. Find out the details.

Cats are very special pets and we can find on social networks videos of them in funny or compromising situations as the case may be. renala cat originally from Houston, Texas.

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Cleo, the cat thief

This little walker is obsessed with stealing neighbors’ personal items, from T-shirts to computer mice, according to the website. To Fab.

Its owner, Wheat geneHe mentions that the catHe often comes with clean, folded clothes.Who can’t hide the sadness Mitchie causes him, “I want to apologize because some of the things I’m bringing home are a bit expensive.”

The owner says that in the summer they were traveling and the cat ““He went crazy because of theft.”He commented that some neighbors told him that he entered their house through the window.

GeneWhat is with you Cleolaunders stolen goods and makes them available for people to recover.

I apologize on your behalf“, Mentionsed. “Please check your first aid kit and retrieve your items.‘ asked the owner.

Why do cats steal things?

According to the vet Houston SPCAHe points out that this condition in cats has been seen before and may have an explanation.

“I’ve seen it before in cats that develop an affinity for substrate, which means they have an affinity for certain types of materials,” he said.

I scolded him a little, thinking we could break the habit, but then I realized it was a losing battle. “He’s basically a teenager.”

Jane Witt said.

Cats can also steal things as part of their play. They like to play with things they can move easily, such as balls, shoelaces, or even larger objects like socks or cat toys. This provides them with mental and physical stimulation.

Some cats may steal things as a way to get their owners’ attention. If you notice that you’re having a reaction or reaction when you eat something you shouldn’t, you can do it more often.

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